Crashbox @ Crash Mansion (6/26/2006)

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Artist: Crashbox
Venue: Crash Mansion (New York, NY)
Opener: Core Records
Date: 6/26/2006
Label: Independent Artist

Tonight at the Crash Mansion would be an open invite to media and band friends as the group Crashbox performed a set of material in celebration of their album “Crashbox”. To be honest, I had never heard of the young group before and since I was not much the follower of your up and coming Power Pop outfits I had the idea that I would enjoy some music and a couple of beers with my counterparts in the industry. I had also never been to the Crash Mansion before and had some curiosity about the venue itself. The name was known to me from the band ZO2 who performed there very often but despite being a fan of the band I had yet to find myself inside its doors. The show was in the downstairs portion of the club and I loved the look of the place. As you walk through its dramatic halls to the main bar you soon find yourself near the stage where several couches and other chairs to sit on are available should you want to actually sit down while a rocking band is doing their stuff. Crashbox hit the stage rather close to the specified time and since this was a showcase of their material one expected the group to be timely as opposed to otherwise.


While I had mentioned that the band was new to me, I had to say that I still enjoyed their delivery quite a bit and can safely recommend them to fans of bands like Cheap Trick or Good Charlotte. Come to think of it, maybe more of the first reference than the second because I would not want to be a band that is ever compared to the likes of Good Charlotte. The tunes and melodies laid down by the guys were tasty enough and seemed like “safe” material for those who might be younger than some others and find themselves with a growing interest in the Rock music scene. It came off as very “bubblegum” and that’s not necessarily a bad thing when one remembers that The Sweet was considered such a band. It’s all about the songs being catchy and the guys in Crashbox were succeeding in having their songs be of this kind. I felt this was a good band for those who are looking for a group to call their own and rock out to but are tired of the acceptable “standards” that the radio tells them are popular. It’s not too over the top heavy or sinister but instead is more about having fun and being young. All things considered that is never a bad thing in today’s world. The audience was also loaded with beautiful girls and it’s important to note that a band that can easily win over that demographic has already proved they are off to a good start. Good luck Crashbox; I am sure that we will see you again soon.



Crashbox Is: Salvatore Scoca (vocals/guitar), Peter Santagaga (drums), Chris Petro (guitar), Angelo Fariello (bass).

Set List:
1. unknown

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