Cradle Of Filth @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (2/27/2009)

Cradle Of Filth was in NYC delivering their newest epic “Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder” at the Nokia Theatre Times Square and the intense show would bring both Satyricon and Septic Flesh along for the ride. It was one of those Metal nights to remember and would deliver thrills, shocks and a number of other sinister treats for all in attendance.

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Artist: Cradle Of Filth
Venue: Nokia Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Satyricon, Septic Flesh
Date: 2/27/2009
Label: Roadrunner Records

The last time that Cradle toured in the USA, it was a very odd match up that found the powerful Thrash Metal might of 3 Inches Of Blood and the Gothic Hard Rock of The 69 Eyes as direct support and yet despite the seeming unevenness of the genres the show that rolled into NYC that cold night was really a good one in the end. Tonight’s lineup of course was much more suitable to be working with the likes of Cradle Of Filth and delivered not only a reunited Septic Flesh but also Satyricon. The show would come to us at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square and that made sense for the choice as the loaded menu was a little too big for the likes of The Fillmore NY or even nearby B.B. King’s. The obviously sold out affair would provide an evening loaded with thrills and exciting Metal and should you have missed out on it somehow, here is how the night went down.

Septic Flesh: Hailing from Athens, Greece – Septic Flesh had been reunited since about 2007 after an almost ten-year dissolution and from the sound of it, it appears as though absence makes the Metal heart grow fonder as the venue was already crowded when they hit the stage. The band is currently signed to Season Of Mist Records, and had recently released their latest effort “Communion”. This was an album that was loaded with a Symphonic edge to their existing Death Metal vibe and when I compared the very short set list to the release it appeared as though they did about five numbers from the recording. For me this worked since the album seems to be easy to get over here and the band is trying to sell the new music and have fans want them to come back for a longer show sometime in the future. Fronted by Seth Siro Anton who handles the bass and vocals, the set while brief was a very commanding one and loaded with energy. They would play six songs in all and in order the set list ran like this “Unbeliever”, “Communion”, :Lovecraft’s Death”, “Anubis”, “We The Gods” and “Persepolis”. It would be great to see them return with another big act and perhaps get a little more time to their show because they were very well received and kept the audience attention. Of course the crowd was a little more excited when they would leave the stage for while meaning no offense to Septic Flesh, this action very simply meant that it was time for Satyricon.

Satyricon: An appearance of Satyricon had been very much an anticipated thing and I cannot recall the last time that the enigmatic singer and his group had last been around these parts. It was a shame in some sense that we never got a proper headlining tour from him to promote the absolutely killer “Now Diabolical” which came out a couple of years ago, but tonight we would get a healthy fill of what he does on the stage with his new release “The Age Of Nero” which comes courtesy of his new label Koch Entertainment. The excitement about the appearance of Mr. Satyr would be compounded by the fact that touring with his band was none other than the mighty Frost on drums. His name in the Black Metal circle is legendary on its own so it was really intense to see the force of nature that he is as a musician pounding away on the kit. Satyr came out like a proper gentleman of Black Metal and appeared to be sporting a suit of some kind, all black of course and a button down shirt. His hair was slicked back and his face caked with white makeup, but not the typical Corpse Paint that many of the genres purveyors sport on stage and in photos. His presence was commanding and the response to his every note met with resounding approval. He was handling this gig like it was his own headlining show and not that he was direct support for the main act that was soon to follow. The stage setting was bare bones and didn’t have much of a design to it but the exception would be taken on Satyr’s microphone stand which was a giant trident. He would work with it during the context of the show and carry it a couple of times which added a little bit more of a sinister appeal to the night. Musically he split up the set list across what appeared to be a total of four albums with the majority coming from “Now Diabolical” and “The Age Of Nero” at three tunes per recording. The remainder came from “Volcano” and “Nemesis Divina” and many were saddened when the shortness of his set became all too apparent – eight songs in all. Satyr talked to the crowd on a number of occasions and stressed that the band would be back for a proper tour in the coming months so we had a lot to look forward to. I felt that he sounded great and in all honesty I was primarily here for his show this evening since I had already been able to enjoy what Cradle Of Filth did about a year or so ago. Yes I was excited for them, but having never seen Satyricon in concert before this chance tonight made them a little higher on my preference gauge. I had also really been enjoying the newest and those two albums that preceded it so I am sure you would understand where I am coming from. The audience during his set was kept on their toes and when the singer jumped onto the barricade that separated the fans from the stage they just exploded. It was defiantly one of the nights most thrilling moments. Soon the thrills would continue for the packed venue as Dani Filth and company brought their unique sound to life.

Cradle Of Filth: If you have never seen Cradle Of Filth in concert before you need to at least once if you are brave enough to enter the territory upon which they tread. The last time the band played NYC we found them at The Fillmore NY and that place is much smaller than the Nokia and not as suitable for the amount of room that a band like this requires in concert. The larger stages offer the chance for the band to do a bigger setup and raise the game of the performance for our benefit. Tonight the drums were in one corner while on the other side a cross knocked to its side was there with a skeleton hanging from it. In the center of the stage stood the microphone stand and it was surrounded by what appeared to be another skeletal structure. Very creepy and dramatic stuff indeed. Their newest CD which comes care of Roadrunner Records is entitled “Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder” and I feel it was a great progression from the album that preceded it “Thornography”. I’ve always been pulled in different directions by what Cradle does, but really enjoy what was delivered on “Thornography” and hence was totally brought into “Godspeed” and appreciated them just a bit more. I lean to the truer of the Black Metal formats, and most of its Symphonic themed stuff, so viewing Cradle as a Black Metal band is just something that I do not do. To me they are Horror Metal, or Gothic Metal with an Extreme flair and when singer Dani Filth came onstage looking like something out of the Hellraiser movies you would realize exactly what I mean by the statement.

The singer stalked the stage like a raving maniac as he shrieked his signature notes into the microphone. He was rarely in one space for long and this kept the audience engaged as the watched every move he made with eager eyes. The new album is a concept piece about serial killer Gilles de Rais and given that fact I almost expected a healthier dose of new material as opposed to only three numbers from the release. Filth and company would instead mix the set list like a sinister brew served up smoldering hot for the fans to lose their very souls to. As you watched Filth in action one would be often riveted to the spot you stood on because his visage was that frightening to behold and his personality intense. To think I thought Satyr was a leader on the stage, but Filth was winning over the domination of ones fans easily in my eyes now. Guitarist Allendar sounded excellent and it’ great to find him still with the lineup since he returned back in 2000 for the recording “Midian”. He and bassist Dave Pybus were the most animated on the stage outside of Filth and they periodically glared or leered at the audience in front of them, but did manage to sneak in a smile or two from time to time. I had to give kudos to no longer new drummer Martin Skouropka who was literally kicked some percussive ass up there on his kit. He impressed me with the tour for “Thornography” and was continuing to do so this evening as music from “Godspeed” was brought to life. The set list seemed to cover a number of albums this time around and while only eleven numbers did give the fans present a little something for everyone. The band has eight studio albums under its belt and I am sure that it is getting harder and harder to mark out a set list that pleases the entire fan base at this point.

In the end this was a very satisfying night of Metal madness and offered the fans of the Extreme genre and darker side of things the chance to mingle a lot more than we found happening at the couple of days ago Despised Icon show. If two hundred Metal heads attended that one it would have surprised me, but here we were closing out the night in a venue that was at capacity and holding at least 2200 fans. Perhaps this was the show that people were waiting for. It was a good way to close out the second month in the Metal year 2009 and March was looking to be promising itself as appearances from 1349 and the “Pagan Knights” tour were all on the agenda for many who were here tonight. Check out all of the new releases from these acts as they are worth adding to the collection.

Satryicon Set:
1. Repined Bastard Nation
2. The Wolfpack
3. Now, Diabolical
4. Black Crow On A Tombstone
5. K.I.N.G
6. Commando
7. The Pentagram Burns
8. Mother North

Cradle Set:
In Grandeur and Frankincense Devilment Stirs @Tape
1. Shat Out of Hell
2. Gilded Cunt
3. Dusk and Her Embrace
4. The 13th Caesar
5. Nymphetamine (Fix)
6. The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
7. Honey and Sulphur
8. Under Huntress Moon
9. Cthulhu Dawn
10. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
11. Her Ghost in the Fog

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  1. I think Cradle of Filth is one of those bands that you either love or hate. There’s no in between. And their shows are either fantastic or utter crap, depends on the evening. I’m glad you caught a good show of theirs. And Dani Filth is a legendary frontman indeed…

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