Converse Rubber Tracks Tour Presents: High On Fire For Free In August 2014

high on fire logo

Please forgive me for not being aware of this until just a moment ago, but it seems as though High On Fire will be performing a handful of special shows as a part of the Converse Rubber Tracks Tour and doing this for absolutely free. Can you believe it???? I am shocked but that being said I wanted to get you a poster and a link to follow to try and secure a ticket so you can be a part of the madness if this band is on your list of “must see acts”.

Tour - High On Fire - Converse 2014

Ticketmaster’s Link is HERE so act fast or risk missing out on this special occasion. Perhaps I will see some of you at the NYC show if I can get myself a ticket as well. Now to click on that link that I just put out for all of you 🙂

Official Website:

Do you have a lot of the available High On Fire releases in your collection? If you answered no, here are some links for you to activate that power of consumerism.

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