“Conspiracy In Mind” by Communic

Artist: Communic
Title: “Conspiracy In Mind”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 2/21/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Clearly influenced by early Queensryche and Dream Theater the band Communic have delivered a very good piece of Metal to the public. With their release of “Conspiracy In Mind” on Nuclear Blast Records the band has shown that not all music coming from Norway needs to be Black or Death Metal. I found it interesting to hear this very progressive layered Metal as opposed to the thundering of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Borknagar for the most part. The band is only three members strong with Oddleif Stensland (vocals and guitar), Tor Atle Andersen (drums) and Erik Mortensen (bass) and together brings a very Nevermore/Dream Theater quality to the songs. As I listened I found singer Stensland to remind me a little of singers like Jeff Scott Soto and Midnight. There is a different level of passion in his voice and more harmonies than one might expect to find in a band of this type. While there are only seven tracks on the debut the listener should be aware that most of the songs range past the seven minute mark. The length allows the band a little more room for creative music explorations. I think fans of Fates Warning, Nevermore and the others who have successfully brought this aspect of the genre to life will totally enjoy Communic.

Thanks to vibrant contributions from Scandinavia we have a lot of Power Metal that is mixed together with a lot of Progressive elements. The growing popularity over the past couple of years has fostered this and if more material like this comes from Communic I can see them making a visibly positive difference to the genre. Give something new a chance as odds are you will enjoy it.

Track Listing:
1. Conspiracy In Mind
2. History Reversed
3. They Feed On Our Fear
4. Communication Sublime
5. The Distance
6. Ocean Bed
7. Silence Surrounds

Official Web site: www.Communic.org

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