Congratulations To The Foo Fighters For Winning The Grammy Award For Rock “Everything”

And I know that you think I am being obnoxious by making such a statement and alright, perhaps I am being just “a little bit” cheeky in this but let’s face it – the Foo Fighters pretty much won the Rock “Everything” at the Grammy Awards just a little while ago.

Don’t get me wrong, because I really think that Dave Grohl is a fantastic musician and a tried and true Metal head at the end of the day, but the bands winning every Rock related category just proves how little the heavier side of music matters to this institution and its fans. To recap, here was the bands awards for the night. All of this was based on their latest album “Wasting Light”.

1. Best Rock Performance: For the song “Walk”.
2. Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance: For the song “White Limo”.
3. Best Rock Song: For the song “Walk”.
3. Best Rock Album: For “Wasting Light”.

To be honest I have only heard these couple of tunes from the overall album and while I felt they were good enough I didn’t feel that they were anything to write home about. Sorry Dave, I preferred your earlier stuff to this. My problem was that the band somehow managed to beat out true providers of the Heavy Metal sound in the only category that we actually get at these awards and I felt that it was ridiculous when it came down to it. “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” over Megadeth, Mastodon and Dream Theater? Laughable right? Of course it is but they still won. Still its not as ridiculous as that time when Jethro Tull beat out Metallica some years ago in the “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental” criteria (talk about a broad spectrum).

While I didn’t see these wins, apparently Dave was sporting a cool Slayer shirt and that is awesome to see because it lets more people see that he is a Metal Head and someone who believes in the genre quite a bit. I am glad that he chose to put it in the face of the viewing public. Perhaps he is the inside man that we need working to our advantage for the Metal way because they are clearly not listening enough to personalities like Eddie Trunk when he brings this up and he has a television AND a radio show that reaches so many people. You would think that would make them shake in the proverbial boots. The writers and bloggers like myself can only do so much so maybe if more musicians who play related sounding stuff but have a deep rooted love for the Metal speak up again and again we shall eventually win out.

I would love to know you readers thoughts on this kind of stuff so please comment as you like. Again congratulations to Dave and the Foo Fighters for the amazing wins but boo hiss to the Grammy Awards committee who have clearly gotten it wrong once again, at least when it came to Metal music.

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