Congratulations To KISS On Their Official Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (4/10/2014)

rock and roll hall of fame

It’s on the books and NYC’s own KISS is FINALLY in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What a journey it has been and I am only talking about the last few weeks of the bands life. I will not recount it all here because its been posted around ad nauseum. However, that being said I am super happy and proud of my favorite band in the world that they are in. Now I have a reason to visit the museum in Cleveland.

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I decided to use my photo from my “Throwback Thursday” in this space as well as its the classic lineup of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss but in their original Mego action figure format.  This photo hails from 1979 (if I can trust the back of the print) and was taken at my Grandmother’s house on her couch.  As you can see the figures are pictured with instruments and these were cut outs from the boxes.  I still have the figures but feel those light cardboard instruments did not make the tests of time.  They are in a box somewhere in my apartment.


As the favorite band in my own music history I shared some amusing images from photos that I dug up on my personal blog HERE. I was happy to rediscover these and in the event that you think I am embarrassed at all by this, you obviously have not met me yet 🙂 Keep up with the continued KISS happenings via their official website and closing it up I’ve posted a couple of my favorite shots of Paul and Gene in action.

kiss, kiss photos, paul stanley

kiss, kiss photos, gene simmons

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