Compressorhead in Concert (11/12/2013)

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Morbid Angel show. I had popped into the Union Square Best Buy to pick up a copy of the new “Man Of Steel” film on Blu-ray and as my friend and I walked past the park on our way to a fave watering hole Duke’s, we heard applause, riffs and more applause. From the distance I could see a stage lit up and I figured it was some sort of contest or demonstration. It was not, and when I got to my destination I learned it was Compressorhead, the band that is composed of robots and they were doing some kind of presentation in the park. Check it out.

The “band” Compressorhead are three robots that go by the names Fingers (guitar), Bones (bass) and Stickboy (drums). Of course Stickboy has an assistant down on the high hat who goes by Stickboy Junior. Check out a few photos of the band. A larger gallery will be in my main site gallery section soon.

Fingers of Compressorhead
Bones of Compressorhead
Stickboy of Compressorhead
Stickboy Junior of Compressorhead

Thanks to the ever trusty Panasonic Lumix I snagged three videos of the mighty (truly) Metal heads in action and am sharing them with you below. There was a Blues Jam, “Blitzkreig Bop” (Ramones) and “I Love Rock and Roll” (Joan Jett). I didn’t catch them doing the Motorhead classic “Ace Of Spades” and they were doing Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” when I had to take my leave but these three do give you a rather good idea of what this is all about. It was lots of fun.

I would have loved to capture more tunes but I did have a previously scheduled mission and friends that were waiting for me. That said, I have high hopes that they will bring their Machine-tinged Metal back to NYC soon for an additional follow up report.

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