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Comic Con Trailer: “The Walking Dead” Season 6

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As we are on the subject of trailers being unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con, I think its very important to make sure all of our readers got the chance to see the Season 6 trailer for AMC’s blockbuster hit “The Walking Dead”. I figured that since the series generally premiers on the last day of New York Comic Con that it would be wry to post the trailer for it on the final day of the SDCC. So without any further adieu please enjoy the clip below that we have placed here for your indulgence.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Did you see that Season 5 and how many wild outcomes it found hitting our ramshackle band of survivors? You didn’t? Well, get thee to Netflix or the nearest Best Buy so you can purchase a Blu-ray series set to catch up to the rest of us. For me it was a season that left me with renewed excitement and some wonderful twists. Yeah we lost some people but we always do and always will. We found the return of Morgan in the tail end of that season and it looks like he will be a major player in S6. I guess he lost his crazy and is no longer losing his mind at the loss of his son to the Walker that was once his wife. From the clip it seems like Rick is enjoying his new found authority but lets see if he maintains control or ends up like The Governor did. Remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely. What do you readers think? Are you still with the show or has it run dry on you? Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget that the show will premiere on
October 11, 2015 while the “prequel” companion series bites us sometime in August.

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