“Come What (Ever) May” by Stone Sour

Artist: Stone Sour
Title: “Come What (Ever) May”
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 8/1/2006
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Stone Sour is a band formed by Corey Taylor and James Root of the band Slipknot and before I go any further you have to know that the two groups could not be any more different from each other in terms of musical style and delivery. “Come What (Ever) May” is the bands second effort and if you have never heard them before it might surprise you as to the level of quality songs on the recording. I say this based on the fact that it is so seldom that a side-project ever really amounts to something here in the States while our European Metal scene friends end up forming projects that not only record but do international tours as well. There is certainly a lot more melody going on in this album and such a drastic change in direction from Slipknot and the key members identities, that it will most likely not an album that the fans of that band will snatch off the shelves. However despite their potential reservations it does have a strong level of appeal on a different vibe entirely – the choruses are quite catchy, and with songs like “Made Of Scars” and “Through Glass” the audience has the chance to join in on the singing. This alone reinforces the power of the tune in people’s minds and makes it all the more memorable at the end of the day. Some explicit lyrical content is present across the CD but it is not as prevalent as to make it offensive but instead seems to be used to drive the point home. The groups membership is rounded out by Joah Rand (guitar), Shawn Economaki (bass) and Roy Mayorga (drums) who pound out the heaviness necessary at times on the album as well as make this an amazing melodic Hard Rock experience at others points. There is a strong potential for hits for the band are many on it and for those that worry that its not going to be heavy at all, should listen to opener “30/30-150” and “Come What (Ever) May” since they pack a punch.

The album is being very well-received and more so than their debut which had too much Slipknot to it according to some Internet reviews. Since I never heard it for myself, I have to judge the amount of critique against the praise and it all seems to find favor with the sophomore effort across the board. This is a great way for Root and Taylor to pass the time while Slipknot takes its hiatus and I think this album is just the refreshing change that fans of American Hard Rock are in need of.

Song Listing:
1. 30/30-150
2. Come What (Ever) May
3. Hell & Consequences
4. Sillyworld
5. Made Of Scars
6. Reborn
7. Your God
8. Through Glass
9. Socio
10. 1st Person
11. Cardiff
12. Zzyxx Ed.

Official Web site: www.stonesour.com

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