“Comalies” by Lacuna Coil

Artist: Lacuna Coil
Title: “Comalies” (enhanced)
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 10/22/2002
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 8.5/10

When you first listen to Lacuna Coil you might be reminded in some fashion of the band Evanescence but if you dismiss them as merely another version of that band you are missing out entirely. While there might be a few vocal nuances in Amy Lee that you hear you will find that Christina Scabbia is a total powerhouse with a comparable if not better voice at the end of the day. I bought this album very late in the game but had seen the group open up as support for Type-O-Negative when they last toured but at the time I was not as open. New bands don’t always thrill me and seeing them live is not my preferred means of my education to their sound. However Lacuna Coil is a band that has been generating a much deserved positive buzz across the industry with their that are both heavy on drama and so easy to enjoy. Classified as “Gothic” or “Dark Metal” the CD “Comalies” is a treat to the senses. The riffs are tasty and Christina shares her powerful range with male counterpart Andrea Ferro. This works very well as each seem to compliment one another even though the true shining star is Ms. Scabbia. Hailing from Italy the band is rounded out by members Cristiano Migliore & Marco Biazzi (guitars), Marco Coti Zelati (bass & keyboards) and Cristiano Mozzati (drums).

With this album the group shows a level of Rock strength and the ability to stand higher than some of their peers are able to do. When you listen to the release you will instantly be taken by tracks such as “Swamped” and “Heavens A Lie” (my favorites) and “Tight Rope”. I did not find them as depressing as the Gothic label would imply and lean more towards them being “Dark” instead and this is due to the effective keyboard work of Zelati and the often haunting vocals of Christina. The only downside to the record is the overall similarity from track to track as each seems to visit a particular chord feel that is present in many of the other songs. This was also done by Evanescence for “Fallen” so perhaps this was also by design.

The album was released in 2002 but since then a new edition has been released that features a second CD loaded with bonus rare tracks and live acoustic performances and two of their videos. Kudos are to be sent the way of Century Media Records for doing this as it makes owning this release a must. The enclosed booklet features lyrics and images and with its numerous pages should have featured more band photos rather than the mere one they do use. Christina Scabbia might very well be one of the most beautiful women in Rock and given the fact that sex appeal adds to sales this should have been played on a little bit as well. I mean this in a tactful way of course. “Comalies” is the third release by Lacuna Coil but is sure to be the album that all their future work is measured against. If it can stand in some fashion against this one the group is guaranteed a good frame of reference in the minds of fans today and going forward. Check it out.

Track Listing:
1. Swamped
2. Heavens A Lie
3. Daylight Dancer
4. Humane
5. Self Deception
6. Aeon
7. Tight Rope
8. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter
9. Unspoken
10. Entwined
11. The Prophet Said
12. Angels Punishment
13. Comalies

Bonus CD:
1. Heavens A Lie (radio edit)
2. Swamped (radio edit)
3. Heaven’s A Lie (acoustic)
4. Swamped (acoustic)
5. Unspoken (acoustic)
6. Senzafine (acoustic)
7. Heaven’s A Lie (live acoustic on WAAF)
8. Senzafine (live acoustic on WAAF)
9. Aeon (live acoustic on WAAF)
10. Heaven’s A Lie (video)
11. Swamped (video)

Official Web site: www.LacunaCoil.it

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