Cold @ Gramercy Theatre (3/22/2011)

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Artist: Cold
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Egypt Central, Kopek
Date: 3/22/2011
Label: Eleven Seven Music

Before I get down to business on this show report I have a little confession to make because I’m not going to lie to the readers and say that this event which was entitled “A Tour Of The Amercican Dream” was the show that I originally wanted to be at because this was not at all the case. The main reason for this was that I had intended to see something else on this night and I also didn’t have a total command of the bands performing so would have felt a little lost. When my original plans fell through I quickly recouped the time with this show and hence would be able to educate myself deeper in what Cold was all about. This is one of the amazing parts about living in NYC and that is when one set of plans gets shit canned, you can often find something different to do with your time in about ten minutes. “The Tour Of The American Dream” would find Cold returning to NYC with the bands Kopek and Egypt Central. That was a very good thing because the opening bands were already known to me in name and a couple of tunes so it would be a full on new experience when it came down to it in the live sense. Starting off the show was an unsigned band called Ocean’s Divide who I missed but seemed to be nice dudes as I got to say hello at their merchandise table after their set. I could not spend too much time discovering more about them however as Kopek was set to hit the stage in moments.

Kopek: The band Kopek hails from Dublin, Ireland and is a Hard Rock band when it comes down to style. Their US debut is entitled “White Collar Lies” and I have really enjoyed the samples of the record that I have heard thus far. There was a decent crowd assembled at the time they hit the stage but they played in minimal light and sadly almost the entire first tune had no vocal thanks to a bad mix from whoever was working the system. Fans were screaming that they could not hear them and this was surely not how the band wanted to be remembered at this important gig. The techs fixed the issue and then it was onto business. Every song appeared to be from the album which was also on sale for purchase and I had to say that they were very good live. Its solid material and not over the top in its delivery. They are fronted by Daniel Jordan (a dread locked Irishman who also plays some guitar while singing). They have been together for about ten years already according to research and had the good fortune of finding their tune “Love Is Dead” on the “Saw 3D” soundtrack. It’s never a bad thing to find ones music in a movie right? There is a classic Rock vibe to their sound but with a modern twist meaning it’s not going to find you feeling you are listening to something old. After their all too brief set the guys enjoyed a couple of pints with their supporters and showed how appreciative they were to be in this amazing city. I will definitely see them again if they come back. Now onto Egypt Central.

Egypt Central: I remembered reviewing the bands self-titled release a couple of years ago and enjoying their Alt-Metal groove but they seemed to vanish off my radar after that. I am sure they were keeping busy but I was just focusing on other groups more. The guys had a seriously devoted fan following in the crowd and now we were witnessing a very packed room and that is always nice to see. The band was out promoting their new release “White Rabbit”, which I had not yet heard so tonight any of the material from the album would be new to my ears. The guys hit the stage with a massive explosion of energy and it was not at all what I expected of them. They were a lot heavier than I recalled their CD being but as mentioned it was a really long time since I had last listened to them. The band is fronted by John Falls who I felt was a great front man and from the second John hit the stage with the band he was in the audience’s faces and climbing on the speakers to be even more visible to the fans that were stuck in the rear part of the venue. Theirs was an intense set and the material came off as very aggressive in the live sense. I will most certainly check them out again and hope to have a better idea of what the “White Rabbit” CD is all about when that happens. The bands nine song set was some of the tunes from the album I had reviewed and what appeared to be an equal mix of the new songs. After the set they were hanging around near the merchandise booth to mingle with fans and we also caught the Kopek dudes doing the same. I had to applaud the fact that these bands were doing this as the fans who were talking to them were really appreciative of the time being spent with them.

Cold: When it came to the band Cold, I only knew the song “Suffocate” as their brand of “Alt-Grunge” or whatever they quantify themselves as was no longer my cup of tea when they started coming into prominence. Despite my not really being up on them, the band released numerous albums and entertained fans until their breakup in 2006. In 2009 they got back to business recording and touring and fast forward until today – Here we are. The only original members of the lineup come via Scooter Ward (vocals), Jeremy Marshal (bass) and Sam McCandless (drums). The guitar duties are left to Zach Gilbert and Drew Molleur, the latter musician having only joined onto the lineup in 2010. It was fine with me based on what I was hearing because the all important “voice of the band” was still in place and not some new person. When that happens we always find a lot of fans screaming that the band cannot continue without that person. This would not be the case with Cold as long as Scooter was doing his thing. Musically the set was tight but as I had said was something of a mystery to me. Scooter announced when a couple of songs were new but the audience banter was light this evening. That is fine by me as well since I usually prefer music to talking. I could safely say that the new stuff sounded a lot like their older stuff but not in a way to be dated but more along the viewpoint that “it works within the context that fans might expect from the group”. This is always a good thing and keeps your fan base interested. How many bands have you seen that decide their new release will be an experiment that you end up hating? I can name at least a handful but will not do so in this space. I was a little surprised that they opened up with the brand new song “Wicked World” but this had been posted around on the bands pages so was very likely known by the audience. It was a good one.

The sound was tight tonight and the venue crowded which is always a pleasure to see. I had no gauge about their draw before walking through the venue doors and while it was initially sparse when I arrived, many more had filed in over the course of the time passing. I was counting the songs until the sole tune I knew would be played, the aforementioned “Suffocate” and now I no longer felt like an outsider. Hey, one cannot be up on everything even when you document the proceedings. It’s more about transferring the vibe you got from the gig in your words to instill more interest in the masses. As I watched Scooter handle the crowd, it was clear that he was in control and that his music was speaking to their souls. Cool stuff to witness. Cold’s newest album is entitled “Superfiction” and while it was supposed to have been released already this had been pushed back a few months and as result fans will not be able to get this album until July. I would not worry as time seems to be flying this year. It feels like I only blinked on New Year’s Day and found myself in the tail end of March Metal Madness. July will be here soon enough for everyone to indulge in some new Cold.

So despite my walking in and not truly being 100% up on everything I had a really great time and now have some new music in my mental library to look into and potentially add into the site as review content. As mentioned, all of the performers this evening had new material and if you find them to your fancy please be sure to snare copies of these works via the legal means so they can keep touring and entertaining you. The funny thing was leaving this show at the time that it was. It was just about 11:00pm by my watch and the show I had originally planned on attending had not yet even started. Too bad I didn’t have a ticket for that as I could have dropped in and probably not missed more than a song or two. Oh well. Such is life.

Egypt Central Set List:
1. Intro
2. Ghost Town
3. Taking You Down
4. Over And Under
5. White Rabbit
6. Dying To Leave
7. The Drug
8. The Way
9. You Make Me Sick

Cold Set List:
1. Wicked World
2. Stupid Girl
3. Remedy
4. Another Pill
5. What Happens Now
6. The Day Seattle Died
7. End Of The World
8. American Dream
9. Suffocate
10. No One
11. When Angels Fly Away
12. It’s All Good
13. Just Got Wicked
14. Snow Blind
15. Anti-Love Song

Here’s a shot of the venue marquee as it proudly displayed the bands name.  There was a decent line to get in when I arrived which was nice to see.  I guess I was only one of a handful of newbies walking in the venue this evening.

A Cold Night In NYC

Here’s a few side images of the merchandise and some other observations that I captured this evening. I will start with the main band’s table. Check out these cool shirts.

Here’s some of the stuff from Egypt Central. The band also had a VIP pass for some fans which gave them a meet and greet with the band along with some other stuff. Sweet huh?

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