“Cola” (Single) by Dommin

Artist: Dommin
Title: “Cola” (Single)
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 11/4/2015
Genre: Gothic Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

A few months ago I mentioned that Dommin had done a cover of Duran Duran’s “Save A Prayer” as a part of their Pledgemusic initiative. If you missed that discussion, just click HERE to get a refresher course and then come back to us so we can continue along. Alright, so the second cover being offered up by the guys is a Lana Del Ray track called “Cola” and I must admit that I have only ever heard this singers name in the recent past more than any of her music. With that being the case I listened to her version first to have some actual background. The tune hails from her “Born To Die” album if you were curious.

The Domminization of the track is a little more brooding and solemn but I expected that of them based on their overall vibe. The first thing I noticed is that Kristofer starts the lyric off differently from how Lana did and I guess because she was singing about a particular body part of hers. Kris says the line later on in the tune but if you lose yourself in the melody you might miss it since it comes and goes quick. Dommin’s version is smooth and loaded with the melancholy that you want them to bring to the table. I had to say that I liked this one right off the bat and think I might even go listen to some more of what Lana Del Ray has in her Spotify listing to expand my musical mind a little more. Nice work Dommin and cool graphic for the cover art as well. This was an interesting one.

Free Download Link: http://www.dommin.net/product/dommin-cover-cola/

Track Listing:
1. Cola

Official Website: http://www.dommin.com

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