Cinema Bizarre @ Highline Ballroom (4/24/2009)

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Artist: Cinema Bizarre
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: EveNi, After Midnight Project
Date: 4/24/2009
Label: Universal Music

While covering the Fetty event that was recently held over at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Annex the guys in Cinema Bizarre were in attendance as celebrity guests of singer Justin Tranter and his band Semi-Precious Weapons. One of the party goers had said that I should look more into the groups music and with a gig coming up soon I made the plans to do so and that brings us to the article you are currently reading. According to press, the band had recently opened up for Lady Ga-Ga and it seems as though this type of gig often finds her openers generating a lot of attention for themselves and that is never a bad thing in this trying musical time. Tonight’s show would be at the Highline Ballroom and feature a pair of openers in EvenI and After Midnight Project. EveNi was up first and here is how the night transpired for those who were not able to attend.

EveNi: Pronounced like “Eve and I”, this four person group originally hailed from Amsterdam and had now set up shop in good old New York City. This female fronted act had a lot in common with bands like Evanescence in this writers humble opinion which is never a bad thing based on that bands continued popularity. Fronted by the lovely Eva Starr, the band delivered a very energetic thirty minute set which seemed to be met with a positive response. They interacted with the crowd on a number of occasions and Eva made sure to talk to the audience whenever the break in music allowed her the chance to do so. and even said that they would be giving out CD’s to anyone who wanted a copy. Some research found me discovering their set to be comprised of these numbers from their repertoire, so please look more into the MySpace page should the words and photos about them interest you in any fashion: “Wonder Why”, “Running In Circles”, “Sorry”, “Wake Up”, and “Desire”. After their set the band was also very visible in the crowd meeting and talking to their newest believers in their musical way. After Midnight Project was up next and they were another new band for me to enjoy.

After Midnight Project: I hadn’t heard these guys before tonight and from the beginning of their until the end found them to be a solid Alt-Hard Rock outfit that really seemed to enjoy what they were doing together. The bands singer is Jason and he was definitely on point with how one should be a front man for a band. There is a heavy emphasis on their newest track “Take Me Home” and the tight group will be appearing on the Warped Tour this summer. I found it interesting to learn that they are signed to Universal Motown because there is nothing that one normally relates to Motown music going on with them, but its good to see that bands who deliver on the stage are going to hopefully be able to do this for a wider audience with their deal. It was accessible stuff that I think fits in well with the current Alt-Rock goings on and as we said about Eveni, if you like the teaser comments and photos by all means check out more via the bands official link. Cinema Bizarre was up next and by this time the venue was rather crowded.

Cinema Bizarre:
I actually was able to meet the Cinema Bizarre band very briefly when they were in attendance at the Fetty launch party which I mentioned and based on their overall Gothic Fashion look and the praise of a couple of the young ladies at the party I felt that I should see what was going on when they performed. They went on to a packed crowd and from the moment that the band hit the stage I counted no less than three dozen cell phones open and doing video captures of the show. It was my guess that much of the show was already going to be up on YouTube before I even had time to edit my photographs or commentary and fans of the band are encouraged to look on the medium so they can feel as though they were with everyone here in NYC. Musically this was not at all what I was expecting and while I had believed it to be somewhat Gothic, it was instead more of a stylish New Wave meets Synthesized Pop Rock. Their lead singer is Strify and he comes out sporting something akin to a Lone Ranger mask and the girls in the audience were going insane for them even if this was not my usual type of thing. The lineup is rounded out by Kiro (bass), Yu (guitar), Shin (drums) and Romeo (keyboard) and the group has not been around for too long, having only been doing this since 2007 after being formed by the record company.

There is a lot of push with the bands unique style and each I am told share a mutual love of the Glam Pop scene and this is heavy in the bands presentation. Strify seems to be the main one speaking to the crowd and he sure loved saying the bands name this evening, and each time he did that he was getting a great response from the audience. To me this comes off as a little cheesy as its normally a trick used by the openers to wake them up if their own set should be boring. Having no background in their material I had to say that songs like “Don’t Believe In Anything” and “Angel In Disguise” were among the better tracks delivered by the group. The interesting show found a few of the band members fascinated by their own bass player who they would run over to and make out with for a moment or two and this happened on more than one occasion. The young and largely female audience seemed to really like this and when he looked out into the crowd, the bassist could only offer up a sly smile. Strify mused aloud about the sold out room based on their having no available music in this country and this clearly impressed him, but as I mentioned anyone who seems to open for a Ga Ga show manages to do well for themselves. The numerous fan sites and outlets like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter allow ones fan base to grow exponentially as well if the bands are paying proper mind to it.

I would have liked to find the Cinema Bizarre stuff to be a little heavier based on the look that they employ, but that is not what they are about and instead if you are into easily accessible Electronic Pop Rock with a strong fashion sense then you will love it.

Set List:
1. She Waits For Me
2. How Does It Feel
3. Get Off
4. Forever Or Never
5. Don’t Believe In Anything
6. The Way We Are
7. Angel In Disguise
8. The Other People
9. Crashing and Burning
10. Dysfunctional Family
11. After The Rain – encore
12. Escape to the Stars – encore
13. Love Songs (They Kill Me) – encore

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