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“Christmas Eve” (Single) by Blackmore’s Night

Artist: Blackmore’s Night
Title: “Christmas Eve” (Single)
Label: Minstrel Hall Music
Release Date: 11/1/2013
Genre: Folk/Holiday
Rating: 3/5

It was way back in the bygone days of 2006 when I reviewed a holiday album by Blackmore’s Night with “Winter Carols”. It was a collection of Christmas themed ditties and if you’d like to learn more you can click HERE to see that archive review piece. I’m pretty sure that this release is now long out of print since I don’t think Locomotive Music exists anymore, but I digress. Now, as 2013 heads towards a close we find Ritchie and company issuing a revisited version of one of that albums tracks with the single “Christmas Eve”. After a few listens, I’ve culled together these thoughts about the new version of the track and the other stuff that is included on the release.

The new version of the tune is more of a radio friendly, slightly danceable track based on the underlying melody and I didn’t find any of the original Folk aspect of it along the way. Sure, Ritchie has a wonderful solo but there are programmed drums and bass tracks along with piano parts that took this in a different direction for me. At the end of the day, I viewed this new version as a Candice Night solo track. The EP continues with a radio edit that was sung in German and I liked the way the lyrical flow sounded in that language. Next up is a mix of both German and English and then one more edit but only in English. Whew, four versions of the same mix in a slightly different sense. The whole single EP closes with the original version of the track for those who were curious about how different it was from the newly revised version.

I didn’t love the new version but left my rating on the middle side since it is a good song and perhaps I’m listening to more heavy stuff this holiday like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Though I’m a fan of Blackmore’s Night I haven’t managed to see them all that much since they don’t always come to my region. I think that they need to expand on the original holiday album so more can get it and then consider a Christmas Concert at a place like the Town Hall or maybe even Carnegie Hall. This multi-version of the single tune is likely for the most ardent of fans. I’d suggest sampling in Spotify or some other legal medium before you purchase the song that you like the most. Now get back to that Christmas and other Holiday shopping since you only have two weeks or so by my watch.

Track Listing:
1. Christmas Eve – 2013 Version
2. Christmas Eve – German Radio Edit
3. Christmas Eve – English & German Radio Edit
4. Christmas Eve – English Radio Edit
5. Christmas Eve

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