“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” (Single) by Edge Of Paradise

Holiday - Edge Of Paradise - 2014

Artist: Edge Of Paradise
Title: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release Date: 12/20/2014
Genre: Holiday Metal
Rating: 4/5

I’ve been enjoying the musical output from the band The Edge Of Paradise for a couple of years now and with the Christmas holiday drawing ever so closer, I was happy to learn that the group had worked out their own holiday track that was available to anyone that wanted it for free. This seasonally inspired rocker finds the band offering up their own unique take on the classic tune “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” that was originally performed by Darlene Love. The song was actually penned by Phil Spector with plans on it being sung by Ronnie but when it all came down to it, Darlene shined like the star that guided the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem. Guitarist Dave Bates starts it off with a tasty blues-inspired vibe before it kicks into gear and lets the lovely Margarita Monet treat us to her soaring vocal register as she pleads for a loved one’s return to her for the holiday season. There is a driving rhythm care of John and Nick and in some sense found me thinking that it stood nicely as homage to the original and merited inclusion on a Holiday Metal Playlist that features Stryper’s “Winter Wonderland” and even Twisted Sisters “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”. Not long after the first spin of the tune I found myself air-drumming and bopping while also offering up some harmony singing along. The cats didn’t seem to mind. I should add that I really liked the lead guitar break that Bates provided and at times I felt there might have even been some keyboard but perhaps this was just some nice guitar effect.

Truth be told it’s renditions like this that put me right into the holiday mood and as a longtime supporter of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, I can attest to loving a little bit of heavy in my Christmas music. Well done EOP, well done and thanks for making sure I knew about it so the masses can be told. Closing up I should say that EOP is finalizing the plans to release their latest album “Immortal Waltz”. Stay tuned, Merry Christmas (if you are celebrating), Happy New Year and “Baby Please Come Home” (you shouldn’t keep a lady like Margarita waiting too long – it’s not the act of a gentleman.

Oh yeah, the band also put together this cute video so please enjoy it with the holiday spirit in mind. The song is downloadable for the whopping price of free via the bands Official Soundcloud which I have linked in that text for your indulgence.

Official Website: http://www.edgeofparadiseband.com

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