“Child Abuse” by Child Abuse

Artist: Child Abuse
Title: Child Abuse
Label: Lovepump United
Release Date: June 24, 2007
Genre: Noise/Experimental Art Metal
Rating: 0/5

“Child Abuse” my beige ass, this is listener abuse. Of all the records I’ve ever listened to or reviewed, none caused me the actual physical pain and discomfort I experienced while enduring this assault. Unlistenable and downright migraine inducing, I cannot in any way recommend this to anyone other than professional torturers who seek to add a new form of torment to their inhuman bag of tricks. Seriously, this is the aural equivalent of a root canal.

Track Listing:
1. Wrong Hole
2. Poor Snoo
3. I Hate Me
4. Age f Reason
5. Supplicant
6. Violent Utopia Part 1
7. Penal Jihad
8. Internal Projections
9. Violent Utopia Part 2

Official Website: http://www.childabusetheband.com/

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