“Chickenfoot” by Chickenfoot

Artist: Chickenfoot
Title: “Chickenfoot”
Label: Redline Entertainment
Release Date: 6/9/2009
Genre: Rock
Rating: 4/5

Chickenfoot you say? Chickenfoot? Yeah I admit that it sounds a little bit weird but what’s in a name when it comes to Rock & Roll anyway these days when in the end all that matters is the music that gets put out there. If you haven’t been paying attention to what this actually is well let me update you for a moment. Chickenfoot is the latest super group to hit the music scene and its comprised of Joe Satriani (guitar), Sammy Hagar (vocals), Michael Anthony (bass) and Chad Smith (drums) and based on all of these players previous efforts being so high on the musical food chain one can only imagine what was expected of their opting to work together in this band. So what did we get? Was it a cluster of cacophonous notes and frenzied melodies that went every which way imaginable or was it something greater? Well I am happy to report that what came of this project was an absolutely kick ass Rock album that showcased everyone’s abilities par excellence and showed that they are so good at what they do that when one listens to the self titled debut it sounds as if they had been working together for a lot longer than they had.

Taking it apart by each individual musician I would have to say how incredible Joe Satriani sounds in the context of a band that is playing this kind of Hard Rock and Roll. This is far different from his wide traveling guitar forays with their hundreds of notes per minute solos that we have grown so used to from him over the past years of his career. I had to admit that it was really cool to hear this other side of his playing. Sammy Hagar sounds better than ever and this project is many steps above his latest solo studio effort if you asked me. The Red Rocker will not disappoint any of his fans with what he is doing on this one without a doubt and he hardly seems anything close to his age with the level of rocking that he is delivering with the guys. The bass lines of Michael Anthony are as solid as expected but its those soaring high note backing vocals that shine like a beacon for the musician and it will have everyone who hears them saying to themselves “Eddie fired you why??”. Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers really did a terrific job of not only being the percussive glue of the project but also by being a drummer adept enough to lead the musicians into a number of directional grooves across the album. There are hard rocking tracks, slower and poignant tunes and bluesy explorations that are sure to not only have something for everyone who listens to the release but also will show just how well these styles work together.

A clear single comes via “Sexy Little Thing” and that’s got a pumping groove but it is “Soap On A Rope” that really kicks some ass early on especially when it starts running into heavy territory. “Turnin’ Left” has a slightly Van Halen feel to it, but there is very little VH anywhere else on the album. “Learning To Fall” is a wonderful ballad type of number that I think will appeal to a wide audience as well and “My Kinda Girl” just prompts the listener to sing along with the CD when it’s turned up nice and loud. I had to say that I was impressed from the moment that this one started and must admit that I was rather skeptical based on the lineup, having wondered if this would be a mess as opposed to something shiny and worthy of support. The package is eco-friendly and very interesting as well and while the cover is jet black and bears only the Chickenfoot logo, this is actually heat sensitive ink that when touched by a warm finger or palm will reveal artwork and text. It was pretty cool when it came down to it. There is no booklet with lyrics though and that was the only downside that I was able to think of. Check this one out if you are someone who is longing for that traditional Hard Rock vibe as delivered by four fantastic musical icons.

Track Listing:
1. Avenida Revolution
2. Soap On A Rope
3. Sexy Little Thing
4. Oh Yeah
5. Runnin’ Out
6. Get It Up
7. Down The Drain
8. My Kinda Girl
9. Learning To Fall
10. Turnin’ Left
11. Future Is The Past

Official Website: http://www.chickenfoot.us

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