“Cherry Pie” (remaster) by Warrant

Artist: Warrant
Title: “Cherry Pie” – Remastered
Label: Sony Music
Release Date: 4/13/2004 (1990)
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 7/10

The second release by Warrant gave music fans a couple of things. The first is perhaps one of the most over-played songs in “Big Hair Metal” history with title track “Cherry Pie” and the second is the reminder of the lovely Bobbi Brown who danced and created fantasies for all young male rock fans in the video for that same song. Originally released in 1990 the world finds a chance to rediscover some of Warrants music when they were still very new in most peoples eyes. The production of the remaster is just as clean as was done for their re-issue of the bands first outing “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich” . As a result songs like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “I Saw Red” truly stand out more than they did before and since those were the songs that I liked (as a non Warrant fan) I enjoyed getting to hear a better produced version. “Train, Train” and “Sure Feels Good To Me” remain solid rockers and are perhaps among the more fast-moving of the albums content and merit a listen as well if you have never heard them. The CD has left the track “Ode To Tipper Gore” in place and that was actually a surprise. The track is not so much a song, but instead a loose collection of expletives designed to push in the face of the once annoying PMRC. At the time, a collection of over-empowered Washington Senator’s wives caused great dramas to the music industry by demanding labels of warning be placed on any album deemed suggestive in image or lyrical content. Many bands answered this in their own fashion as proven here in this cut. The inclusion of this track is more of a historical note than of anything that is relevant today.

Similar to the “DRFSR” CD this edition comes with some liner notes about the album and the band as well as the lyrics for all of the tunes. There are two bonus tracks with one being an unreleased tune and the other a demo version of “The Power”. I was not overly taken by them but there are fans of the band who will appreciate having this for their collection and reference. Lyrics for these songs are not provided in the booklet which stands at 12 pages with photos. Warrant certainly made a popular thing for themselves and along with bands like Poison and Ratt the so-called “Poser” imprint was handed to Metal and Rock. Looking back on it all there was some catchy stuff that you would probably never be caught listening to back in the day if you were not a fan. Music had a clear line of division which no longer exists after so many crossover and experimental years have passed. These remasters of the first Warrant CD’s are really more for the Eighties Rock archivist or fan of the band from back in those days. They are the perfect excuse to toss those old cassette tapes or pass the vinyl on to someone else. Listening to them will give you a perfect look back into a special time for Hard Rock where almost everything was over the top. Warrant were good at what they did despite what people thought and MTV surely helped them along. I did not mind getting a chance to hear this stuff again now if I could only get that video out of my head.

Track Listing:
1. Cherry Pie
2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
3. I Saw Red
4. Bed Of Roses
5. Sure Feels Good To Me
6. Love In Stereo
7. Blind Faith
8. Song And Dance Man
9. You’re The Only Hell Your Momma Ever Raised
10. Mr. Rainmaker
11. Train Train
12. Ode To Tipper Gore
13. Game Of War – unreleased
14. The Power – demo

Official Web site: http://www.warrantweb.net

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