Check The Trailer: Warner Brothers Pictures “Wonder Woman” From SDCC

Logo - Wonder Woman - 2017

The San Diego Comic Con is in full sway as you read this and when this convention happens I find myself busy tossing together posts about trailers for upcoming films or the skimpiest of teaser clips and one of the reveals made earlier today was for Warner Brothers Pictures “Wonder Woman”. We first met her earlier in the year in “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and her film will be the fourth in the DC Extended Universe big picture. Gal Gadot reprises her role in this film and it also stars Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Check it out below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I think its great that this will be a period film and showcase Diana way back around the time of the first World War. Sort of like what “Captain America: The First Avenger” did with WWII. This clip shows some real promise and I can only hope that it delivers when it opens up in the theaters in early 2017. It leads us right into “Justice League” so who knows what can happen. In any event I am happy to finally see the Amazon coming to the big screen as she has deserved to do for so long. What do you readers think of this trailer? Let me know in the comments below. More to come as I continue to share the reveals from SDCC. As a bonus, here is the teaser poster as well. Looks nice.

Poster - Wonder Woman - 2017 - Teaser

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