Check The Trailer: “The Flash” Season 3 From SDCC

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The San Diego Comic Con for 2016 would be ending today and one of the things that I have already noted in several posts is how this convention keeps me busy tossing together posts about trailers for upcoming films or the skimpiest of teaser clips. While we’ve attended to many of the awesome movies that are coming down the pike, its time to pay a little mind to the television shows that feature these colorful characters. I’m continuing on with The CW Television Network since they have not one, but five different DC Comics shows airing during the week. “The Flash” was the second offering and it begins its third season in October. Here is the trailer for this upcoming season.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I pretty much loved everything about The Flash during its first and second seasons with a minor storytelling grumble every now and again. Nothing too crucial to lament here for you readers. It was a good one and the show was a lot more fun that the previously discussed “Arrow” season. I think their adventures into “Flashpoint” territory can really bring us some entertaining television. If you haven’t watched this one yet, its also on Netflix and a whole lot of fun. Even the younger viewer in your household can watch this because a lot of the goings on are not as grim as we find them being on “Arrow”. Let me know what you thought of this seasons trailer in the comments below. I will continue along with this process tomorrow because I am on a mini-vacation and its super hot outside and a pool beckons my attention. See you then.

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