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The CW Network just aired some shows about the upcoming television series “Legends Of Tomorrow” and one that focuses on the eventually heading our way “Justice League” film with the special “The Dawn Of The Justice League”. As I was out I didn’t see them yet and will be checking out what the DVR has for me, but during these programs we got the second full trailer for the also upcoming this year film “Suicide Squad” and you can check it out below. I’ll be back with some thoughts of course afterwards.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ll admit that I liked this trailer much more than the first one and perhaps the influx of Queen music in this one helped sway me a little bit more than I would have believed. This film features a ton of Batman villains which is not exactly how this team was originally assembled and some of them were never members of the team in the actual comics but the cinematic universe is only now finally being built for the DC stuff and I’m hoping it works out. Everyone seems to love Harley Quinn nowadays if you can use NY Comic Con as an example so her fans will be lining up at the door for this (if they’re lucky). I am still not too sold on Leto’s Joker but lets see what happens in the actual film. There seems to be a little more humor in this one than I expected which is a nice surprise considering that I don’t expect a lot of it in the March release “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. What did you think of this new and expanded trailer? Let me know in the comments.

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