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Check The 2nd Trailer: “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” (2016)

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Just a little while ago the Jimmy Kimmel show aired the 2nd Official Trailer for the 2016 upcoming film “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and I scrambled to cull this together for you fine readers to enjoy as well. Feast your eyes and then we can discuss a little bit.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Alright now we are getting somewhere because there were moments in this one that made me say “wow, that was awesome” and I will admit that this was not happening all that much for this film. This was a good move by Warner Brothers in giving fans a better and more exciting trailer after the incredible reaction that last weeks “Captain America: Civil War” trailer received. That films clip was viewed 61 million times already and if you have not yet seen it please be sure to do that because it looks like this is going to be a fantastic film for Marvel Studio. Now back to the main topic here on “BvSDoJ”; I really liked this one but did feel perhaps that big reveal at the end could have been left to the imagination and our time in the cinema. There was a lot of speculation about whether we would see Doomsday or not and we surely will even though his origins are not the same as we have come to know. If it works for the film and propels the storyline forward in a solid fashion I will deal with it. I can say that I do hate the way Eisenberg is playing Luthor as he just seems stupid obnoxious with a heavy emphasis on stupid but what do you readers think about the whole thing? Let me know in the comments. I liked it and am more interested in the film than I had been and that’s a good thing since I so want to see the DC Cinematic Universe be something memorable as opposed to not. Now I am wondering how fast this trailer will reach 61 million views. Talk about web traffic. That sounds glorious to have 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Check The 2nd Trailer: “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” (2016)”

  1. This trailer makes me want to see the movie. Yes, I was going anyway, I can’t pass up Batman, lol.

    The best part for me was Wonder Woman coming in to “save the day”.

  2. Very interested in this since it seems to be playing on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, but that story being a “future” story seems like an odd point for the DC Universe to be jumping off with the Justice League franchise. While there looks to be a lot for comics fans to enjoy in this film, that may be what keeps this film from being what we hope: too much going on for one movie. I will more than likely plunk down the $120 that a family of four spends to go to the movies these days and hope the film delivers.

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