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Check Out Brandon Routh’s ATOM Costume for “Arrow” on CW TV

DC Entertainment and The CW Network recently revealed the costume that will be worn by Brandon Routh who plays Ray Palmer on their exciting television show “Arrow”. I think that most comics fans who watch this show knew that the minute we heard that civilian identity that an appearance of The Atom could not be far behind and here is the costume that we are going to see.

Photo - Brandon Routh - The Atom

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Personally speaking this looks more like what I felt X-O Manowar would look like had they put him into a live action series of some kind but outside of that I do NOT hate it. Clearly they are doing this as an armor and A.T.O.M. actually means something that I cannot recall at this time. Since the character that Routh portrays on “Arrow” is a bit of a hard headed sort, one can only hope that he has a bit of a rough education once he shrinks down to size in this armored suit and learns that the clothes do not always a hero make. It is what you have within that helps you claim victory over your foes. Closing up I will say that in some sense this “Arrow” series is slowing down for me and I am much more engaged by the happenings in “The Flash” and the sadly suffering “Constantine” that airs on NBC. What do you readers think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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