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Are you folks up on the band Amaranthe yet? If not you should be because they have been delivering some really awesome Metal sounds and we’ve been lucky enough to have them visiting the states on three separate occasions already while a fourth visit to NYC is only a couple of days away if you live in the Big Metal Apple like I do. The band is continuing their “Massive Addictive” tour with a headlining run and there is also a new CD of B-sides and rarities to enjoy. The other day the band released their latest video entitled “True” and I’ve embedded it for you below. The video is directed by Patric Ullaeuas.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m finding that the music of Amaranthe is hitting me very differently from so many of the other bands that I am enjoying and I mean this in a purely positive way. This video was great because it put us into the imaginations of these two young kids who each had dreams of either being a famous dancer or professional hockey player. There was just a simple charm to that because we have all been younger and wondered what our lives would turn out like in one manner or another. Come on you know you did it too as a child, I know I did but think I hoped to be Batman. That’s what you get when you watched the classic show as soon as you come home from the bygone days of elementary school but I digress. The flow of the tunes groove was on point and worked well with the sleek drive of the songs melody and I liked how we saw Elize and Jake as older versions of the children who were following their dreams. Unless I am reading too deeply into the clip but that is how I viewed it. It’s a clip that I think will make even more admirers vying after Miss Elize because she is positively radiant in this short. What did you think of it? Feel free to chime in down in that comment section as its always nice to hear from you. If you don’t have a copy of “Massive Addictive” or even “The Nexus” you can order them below via the links to

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