Celebrating A Decade Of “One Day Remains” by Alter Bridge (2004-2014)

I’ve usually left my “Music Milestone” toasts fall to artists and releases that have reached a little bit more of a shelf life but then again have started to make exceptions from time to time when the release or artist has made such an impact on the music scene around them that it bears toasting. Such is the case for the band Alter Bridge, whose debut album “One Day Remains” was released on this very day ten years ago. Can you believe it? Are you following this awesome band yet? If not I think that you should be. Let’s raise a glass and discuss this one.

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When Alter Bridge first announced their existence after the disbanding of Creed back in 2004, I had to admit that I was a little bit skeptical because I had been a fan of Creed for a few years by that time and pretty much felt that the musicians of that band were just launching what would amount to be “Creed 2” when working with Scott Stapp proved to be an impossible practice. It was easy for a fan to think this way when it appeared that this new band would be everyone who was in Creed with the exception of Stapp. The lineup of Alter Bridge would also include the bands founding bassist Brian Marshall who was allegedly fired by the singer (or so legend would have you believe at the time as well). With the key musical director of Tremonti heralding the charge and the rhythm section of drummer Scott Phillips and Marshall I expected an album loaded with “Creed like” tunes but we really didn’t get too much of that outside of the single “Open Your Eyes” which I felt had a strong vibe of the previous band that they were all most recently a part of. When the band presented a new singer to the world I also expected a similar vocal register to be found until I heard the soaring melodies that came from Myles Kennedy. His was a brand new name to me but he was apparently a member of the Mayfield Four, a band that had two albums and a career dating back to 1996 but again, this was all new to me. The band’s name would be inspired by a bridge that used to exist near Tremonti’s youthful home and their debut album entitled with a phrase on how they felt life should be lived – as if “One Day Remains”. Interesting stuff for sure, but what about the music that was to be found on the debut? Would it measure up?

In a word it would be a fantastic introduction of this new band to anyone who was willing to give it a chance. It was powerful and at the same time emotional. It was heavy but it had a solid groove and wonderful melody from beginning to end. We as listeners clearly had a winner from right out of the gate. Of course some of the more ardent Creed followers left the fold with this release and that would be their loss. Alter Bridge got right to work on touring this new album and to the best of my knowledge would not perform any Creed material as a part of their set. Personally speaking I would not catch them until a few years after the debut but I don’t recall hearing Creed during any of those shows. Stapp however would tour as a soloist and focus his material on his Creed era. This is actually still the case at the time of this writing in 2014. Let’s look over the track list and pick out some notable tunes.

Track Listing:
1. Find the Real
2. One Day Remains
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Burn It Down
5. Metalingus
6. Broken Wings
7. In Loving Memory
8. Down to My Last
9. Watch Your Words
10. Shed My Skin
11. The End Is Here

My favorite tracks seem to have remained the same for the past decade with the first one being the big radio hit of “Open Your Eyes” and I guess this was because it was the very first tune that I had heard from them when I started looking into them. I also loved “One Day Remains” its title track and the power behind “Metalingus” along with the heartfelt “In Loving Memory” which was dedicated to Tremonti’s mother who had passed away. What are your favorites from the album or what did you think of it when you first heard it? I’ll keep the comments open for you all to toss your views into the mix. I’d love to hear them. Since the time of this now classic debut “One Day Remains”, Alter Bridge has released three more studio albums and a couple of live efforts and as a touring act seems to sell out show after show no matter where they are performing. Having enjoyed their concerts about four times now since first getting into them, I can attest to their being musically mind blowing experiences that should be checked out if your means allow. Their fans are ravenous for their material at the shows I have seen and that energy is transferred both into and back from the band. It’s a good time for sure. You can look into the bands current events via their official website which I have linked below and also learn more about “One Day Remains” as an album via its official Wikipedia entry.

At the time of this particular milestone, I don’t think the fans can expect any sort of special edition of the debut album coming out unless Wind-Up Records feels like revisiting the success that this one brought to the label. We only have the original release available for public consumption so maybe you are a new fan that still needs a copy of this powerful debut or a fan that has played it to death or maybe even left it at a friend’s apartment where it was never to be seen again. If any of this is the case here is the link to Amazon.com where you can snag a nice new edition for your music library.

PS: I almost forgot to mention this little factoid. I reviewed “One Day Remains” about a year after it was released for the at the time only three month old PiercingMetal.com site. Interested readers can check out that article by clicking HERE

Official Website: http://www.alterbridge.com
Official Album Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Day_Remains

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