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McDonald’s Brings “The Peanuts Movie” To Their Happy Meal Patrons

Logo - Peanuts

Having grown up on the classic “Peanuts” comic strip and the assorted wonderful animated specials over the years I was happy to see the fast food chain McDonald’s offering up a collection of figures based on the new “The Peanuts Movie”. Based on the poster below you can see that there are twelve of these figures in all and with my recently submitting the paperwork for the 2016 Toy Fair I have nothing but fun on my mind at the time. For those keeping a healthy mind and diet, they should know that the Happy Meal is not all that compromising to the diet every once in awhile and they now let you swap apple slices and a yogurt for a dessert and a juice instead of soda. As long as you keep a solid regimen of activity the little burger and fries you get with this package will not ruin your waistline. Just keep moving and I’m saying it like this since I see no less than five of these figurines that I want to have as decoration on my media command station. Charlie Brown is nothing less than classic to me and these are gender crossing items as well which means both boys and girls can enjoy them. Given the nature of the collecting public and this sort of thing being offered you readers might very well find me discussing future promotions like this to offer up in our Toy related topics. Which ones are striking your fancy from the poster below?

Photo - McDonalds - Peanuts Movie - 2015
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Staramba Presents: “Black Veil Brides” Band 3D Figurines

Logo - Staramba

A few weeks ago I posted an item about the 3D figurines of the band Doro by the Staramba company in Berlin, and if you missed that for some reason please click on THIS LINK since there was a whole press release about it as well as some thoughts from our editorial command HQ. Now alyou are caught up, it seems as though the company has also created 3D figurines for the Melodic Metalcore sensations The Black Veil Brides. If you don’t know the name for some reason, the Black Veil Brides are an American Rock band formed in California with a huge fanbase, BVB Army, all over the world. Current line up: Andy Biersack (lead vocals), Ashley Purdy (bass), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Jinxx (rhythm guitar) and Christian “CC” Coma (drums). I didn’t have an actual press release about this batch and will instead let the photos do the talking and then return at the close with some editorial input.


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Staramba Presents: “Doro” Band 3D Figurines

As readers of the PiercingMetal Site are well aware, we have attended Toy Fair for several years to bring the latest and greatest stuff that speaks to our comic book and film related topics and sometimes there are awesome items that relate to one of the killer bands that get discussed on these pages. With that said, a company called Staramba has created scaled miniatures of Doro Pesch and her band. Check out the press below and some images and then I’ll return with personal opinion.

Logo - Staramba

The Press Release:
2015-10-26 – DORO Pesch has played more than 2,800 concerts in more than 60 countries across four continents in her thirty year plus career – and now the metal queen comes to your home, whenever you want, wherever you want, forever!

Staramba has made this incredible feat possible. From now on, the Berlin-based startup company offers DORO and her entire band as terrific 3D figures in different sizes. DORO and the band look incredibly realistic, this is due to the unique technology (photogrammetry scanner 3D Instagraph), which scans persons within a few seconds. Afterwards, lifelike and full-coloured figures emerge shift by shift in a highly-modern 3D printer.

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Funko Presents: “Babymetal” Pop! Rocks

It’s time to get Kawai as Funko presents Babymetal as a part of their “Pop! Rocks” collection. Check out the official statement from the company and a photo of the soon to be released figures.

Logo - BabyMetal

Pop! Rocks now includes pop metal from Japan! The incredibly popular Babymetal trio – comprised of Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal – mixes elements of heavy metal with pop sensibilities! Don’t be fooled by their sweet appearance!

Toys - Funko - Babymetal Figures

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I love, love, love the Funko Pop figures and am still kicking myself for missing all of the KISS ones that came out a couple of years ago. I didn’t realize that they were limited runs but now that I know I am definitely grabbing myself a set of these Babymetal ones and I don’t care what you think about this group because I really get a kick out of it. Now let’s just add about how awesome these Funko Pop! figures are as well, because they just are. I know so many people who are buying these and I see a ton of them at Toy Fair when I go exploring that convention. These editions are def worth adding to your collection and even more so if you are rallying behind Babymetal and the Fox God. What do you think of these? Will you buy them? I wonder if they will make some for Ghost. That would be insane. Before we go please check out some additional product photos of these three awesome Pop! Rocks creations.
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Hasbro Unveils “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Line For “Force Friday”

Logo - Star Wars The Force Awakens

Thought its the first time that I am hearing about it even existing today is considered “FORCE FRIDAY” and what better way to celebrate it than with the available for purchase as you read this new action figures from Hasbro Toys. These are the first offerings from the still months away film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and there is something for everyone here if you are a fan of the action figures. I will start off with the two-pack figure sets. Some really cool ones here and I am prepping my own credit card for purchase mode as soon as I see them around.

star wars the force awakens, hasbro toys, star wars the force awakens action figures

star wars the force awakens, hasbro toys, star wars the force awakens action figures
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