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Hasbro Reveals: Star Wars: The Black Series “The Mandalorian” Action Figure

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The Scoop:
By now you are either a subscriber to Disney+ or wishing you were because “The Mandalorian” series is going over like gangbusters and that makes sharing this latest reveal from the fine folks at Hasbro all the more awesome. The 6 inch action figure will become a part of their “Star Wars: The Black Series” of highly poseable figures and you are surely going to want to add it to your collection. This appears to be available for pre-order at Best Buy via THIS LINK, and I’ve also added a code to order a different version of this character on since that helps us keep the lights on. Images are provided by their media team so enjoy.

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The Misfits Reveal An Evil Halloween Treat with “Kill Kat” Figurine

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The Press Release:
This Halloween, Misfits Records has teamed up with Dead Zebra Inc and the O-No Food Company to bring you Andrew Bell’s popular Kill Kat evil wafers vinyl figure in a special Misfits themed variant limited edition!

dead zebra inc, o-no food company, misfits

This sweet and psychotic conjoined candy from the dark lord of licorice stands 6-inches tall and comes in a fiendish candy wrapper style package. The deadly devilock clad Fiend Skull confection is vitamin 138 fortified with pure evil, plenty of attitude, 45g skulls, screams and the perfect way to kick off Halloween. 666 calories per serving*
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Hasbro Reveals “Power Rangers Lightning Collection” Zeo Blue Ranger

According to a mailer I’ve just received, Hasbro has just revealed a new addition to “WAVE 4” of the “Power Rangers Lightning Collection” at MCM Comic Con in London: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo Blue Ranger Figure! The new collectable was just revealed in-booth by Hasbro during MCM Comic Con – London. Let’s take a look at the scoop down below.

power rangers lightning collection logo


It’s Morphin Time! Introducing a new era of POWER RANGERS collectibles with Hasbro’s POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION 6” Figures! The LIGHTNING COLLECTION features over two decades of iconic characters from this storied franchise, and Hasbro is excited to bring its own take to this premium line. The LIGHTNING COLLECTION’s highly-articulated, 6-inch figures will have best-in-class detailing and design, and will feature Photo Real technology for realistic actor likenesses. The ZEO BLUE RANGER Figure features premium paint and decorative details inspired by the show. It includes over 20 points of articulation for high poseability, swappable heads of the Ranger with and without his helmet, 5 character-inspired accessories including the Blue Ranger’s Zeo Power Axes, and an extra pair of hands for more ways to play or display.

Look for other collectible figures in this series, including the S.P.D. RED RANGER Figure and BEAST MORPHERS CYBERVILLAIN BLAZE Figure. Each sold separately. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide. (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2020)

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I admit this is a little early for an announcement but hey we share as we get the alert to help your eventual shopping and sate your collector’s mindset. This new figure looks awesome but I am not a collector of the “Power Rangers” line of anything. Hasbro sure has been keeping the folks who are snatching them up busy with releases. Are you one of those people? Chime in down below and let me know what you think about this reveal. See you next time.

Official Website:

“Lost In Space” Digital Collectibles To Premiere @ New York Comic Con

lost in space tv logo

The Press Release:
Terra Virtua Ltd. announced today that attendees at New York Comic Con will have the chance to get a sneak peek of the first-ever exclusive digital collectibles based on Legendary Entertainment’s Lost in Space, the smash hit reboot of the science fiction classic. Sci-fi enthusiasts and diehard fans of the Netflix Original Series who come across Terra Virtua representatives at the Javits Center will be eligible to receive a downloadable code to be the first to access the limited-edition 3D virtual collectibles of the Robinson family, Don West, Dr. Smith, and the iconic Robot from Season One, available on the Terra Virtua app, with a few lucky attendees receiving a code to an ultra rare “legendary” collectible.

This exciting collaboration marks Legendary Entertainment’s launch of the Lost in Space Season One collection, available for purchase to all fans in November of this year. The collection features common, uncommon, rare, and legendary items with values and prices that commensurate with their rarity and uniqueness. Secured using blockchain technology in order to authenticate the rarity and release of each figure, consumers can rest assured that each limited-edition item is validated and each copy is genuine. Terra Virtua will also release additional exclusive digital collections leading up to the premiere of Season Two, airdate forthcoming.
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Hasbro Reveals New Marvel Legends @ New York Comic Con

We’re entrenched at the happenings at the currently running New York Comic Con and we’ve just learned about the brand new Marvel Legends Series action figures that are coming from our friends over at Hasbro Toys. Coming at the diehard collector in the coming months will be a Deadpool Series, a Fantastic Four series and a wonderful edition to the conventional series of highly posable action figures. Let’s take a look.

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Starting off with the Deadpool Legends Series, we have a brand-new Deadpool in a Blue X-Men uniform along with Sunspot and Warpath. Sure those two might be New Mutants, but let’s never forget that Deadpool first appeared in their comic book.

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