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Opening Today: “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” (7/11/2014)

The “Planet Of The Apes” films were an indelible part of my youthful cinema going activity and I loved them all, and this includes the short-lived television series. Given my vintage I did not see the original film when it opened as I was too young but had seen a number of them on television when they finally aired. There was no HBO and such back then and we youth only had “The 4:30 Movie” for a lot of stuff like this. I do recall seeing the final film “Battle For The Planet Of The Apes” when it hit the big screen in 1973 with my Grandmother; It would close out an all-day “Apethon” where all the films would be shown in sequence. Thanks Nan. Fast forward to where we stand now it was a couple of years ago that the world got a revision and relaunch of the storyline with “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” and it was met with considerable approval. Today’s its much anticipated sequel “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” opens up in theaters everywhere. Check out that brooding poster.

Poster - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 2014
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Marvel and Taschen Present “75 Years Of Marvel: From The Golden Age To The Silver Screen”

As a lifelong fan of comics and books in general, I was super stoked to learn about the team-up of Marvel and Taschen as they showcase 75 Years of Marvel Comics with the publishing of an all-new gigantic tome. Check out the press release down below the image of the book. I’ll come back with a few added thoughts afterward.

The Press Release:
In celebration of Marvel’s 75th anniversary, this fall, TASCHEN presents 75 YEARS OF MARVEL: FROM THE GOLDEN AGE TO THE SILVER SCREEN, a 700+ page magnum opus of the most influential comic book publisher today with an inside look, not only at its celebrated characters – Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man, but also at the “bullpen” of architects whose names are almost as familiar as the protagonists they brought to life—Stan “the Man” Lee, Jack “King” Kirby, along with a roster of greats like Steve Ditko, John Romita, John Buscema, Marie Severin, and countless others. With essays by comic book historian and former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas, this book delves into the hearts of thousands of costumed characters who continue to fight the good fight in comics, movies, and toy aisles of the world.

From the very first issue of pulp impresario Martin Goodman’s Marvel Comics in 1939, the comic book creators of Marvel’s Golden Age flipped the traditional fantasy script by placing the inhuman and the invincible into the real world. With the likes of the fiery android the Human Torch, vengeful sea prince Sub-Mariner, and pip-squeak-turned-paragon Captain America, Marvel created a mythological universe grounded in a world that readers recognize as close to their own, brimming with humor and heartache.
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Brandon Routh To Join The Cast Of “Arrow” S3

Once most famously known for being a terrific Superman in a horrible film (“Superman Returns” if you didn’t see it); earlier today it was announced that Brandon Routh will join the cast of The CW Networks hit action show “Arrow” as Ray Palmer. Of course comics fans know him more by the image below 🙂

Photo - The Atom

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Valiant Comics #1’s Coming In July 2014

For many months I have been broadcasting both the upcoming first issues for the Marvel Comics and DC Comics lines and with our revising the way that the website is entertaining its readers I am proud to add similar posts that outline what you can count on coming from the folks over at Valiant Comics. As you have seen with the other posts, I will be presenting the artwork and a brief from the official press copy that I get sent and here we go with two upcoming mini-series. Each of these titles will run for three issues.

Comic - Armor Hunters Bloodshot 1- 2014

Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1: (Writer: Joe Harris, Penciller: Trevor Hairsine). The hunters become the hunted! With the major capitals of Earth under siege by the Armor Hunters, the world’s most dangerous weapon has decided to come in from the cold – and into the service of the top-secret Military Extraterrestrial Reconnaissance Outpost (M.E.R.O.)! But when one of the Armor Hunters’ own stages an extraterrestrial jailbreak inside of M.E.R.O.’s fortified command center, the nanite-enhanced commando known as Bloodshot will become the last thing standing between the galaxy’s most feared team of hunter-killers and a classified arsenal of secret weapons far too deadly for human hands! (c/o Valiant Press Office).
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DC Comics First Issues Onsale In July 2014

So as you can obviously tell, these comic book solicitation posts are now fully integrated with the main content after our morphing into WordPress last month. I didn’t make any fuss about it in the previous post about the Marvel Comics offerings but yeah this is how we roll with this stuff from now on and when it comes down to it, this is going to be a lot more fun. That said here are the July first issues from DC Comics. As with these posts of the past the artwork and overall description come care of the press team at the company and then I will toss my thoughts in at the close. Let’s go.

"Grayson" #1
“Grayson” #1

GRAYSON #1: Dick Grayson. Former sidekick. Former Super Hero. Former dead man. And now…agent of Spyral?! A thrilling new chapter of Dick Grayson’s life begins in this new, ongoing series. It’s a super-spy thriller that will shock you and prove one thing: You might think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick.

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