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DC Comics 1st Issues Arriving In January 2015

Day Four of our bright and shiny New Year 2015 but you cannot really tell if you are looking out the window in NYC at the moment since its been raining on and off since Saturday. Now since I’ve a show to prepare for I will make this quick and welcome you to the first issue offerings for this January from DC Comics. As usual I have benevolently shared their own press copy and art and will speak to these titles at the close. See you in a couple of minutes.

Comic - The Multiversity Guidebook 1 - 2015

Multiversity Guidebook #1: The guidebook to the greatest adventure in DC’s history is here! With a detailed concordance featuring each of the 52 worlds in the Multiverse, a complete history of DC Comics’ universe-shattering “Crisis” events, a map of all known existence, AND an action-packed dual adventure starring Kamandi of Earth-51 alongside the post-apocalyptic Atomic Knight Batman of Earth-17 and chibi Batman of Earth-42, this 80-page mountain of MULTIVERSITY madness cannot be missed! The MULTIVERSITY GUIDEBOOK contains everything you ever wanted to know about DC’s parallel worlds and their super-heroic inhabitants. Meet the Agents of W.O.N.D.E.R. The Light Brigade, the Super-Americans and the Love Syndicate! Meet the Accelerated Man, Aquaflash, BiOmac and more! Overflowing with today’s top artists and completely written by Grant Morrison himself, readers of the DC Universe can’t afford to pass up this oversized, sixth chapter of MULTIVERSITY!
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Marvel Comics #1’s Available In January 2015

Welcome to 2015 my comic loving friends and even though we are now three day in I hope that it is going to be a “MARVELOUS” one for you (I’m sorry I had to go for the pun since I am raring to go with the website and this exciting New Year). Here we are at our January first issues that will be served up by Marvel Comics. As usual the post features provided press copy and images and then some thoughts from me as to my favorites from the batch. Let’s get rolling.

Comic - Ant-Man 1 - 2015

Ant-Man: Scott Lang has never exactly been the world’s best super hero. Heck, most people don’t even think he’s been the best ANT-MAN — and the last guy invented Ultron and joined the Masters of Evil, so that’s saying something. But when the SUPERIOR IRON MAN calls with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Scott’s going to get a chance to turn it all around and be the hero he’s always dreamed of being. Sure he’s been to prison! Sure he’s been through a messy divorce! Sure he’s been, um… dead. But this time is different! This time nothing is gonna stop the astonishing ANT-MAN!

Writer: Nick Spencer
Cover Artist: Mark Brooks
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Valiant Comics #1′s Coming In January 2015

Well hello again my dear Comic book fans and welcome once again to 2015. My hope is that you had a great ringing in of the new year and got some sufficient rest yesterday because now its time to get back to business of informing you about music and comics that you will enjoy. This month from Valiant Comics we only have two brand new offerings and as I’ve done before I have copied the press information and shared the cover art. I’ll chime in at the close of the piece with some thoughts on these two series.

Comic - Ivar Timewalker 1 - 2014

Ivar Timewalker: From the New York Times best-selling team of Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry comes a centuries-spanning race against the clock, straight out of the pages of ARCHER & ARMSTRONG! Prehistoric empires! Dystopian futures! And everywhere in between! The past, present, and future of our universe are about to meet an untimely end, and only the mysterious Ivar Anni-Padda can prevent all three from collapsing in on themselves. Unstuck in time, and pursued by enemies simultaneously across every moment of his time-lost life, can the man called Timewalker save everything that ever was, is, and will be? Get ready for a clock-stopping odyssey into the distant past and far future as the most unlikely Valiant hero of all leaps into his first history-ripping adventure!
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Marvel Comics #1’s Available In December 2014

Keeping up with the comic book coolness that is heading our way in December, its time to shine a spotlight on the folks at Marvel Comics who will be starting our preparations into 2015 with two new titles in “SHIELD” and “All-New Miracleman Annual”. As I’ve done before, I’ve procured the cover art and creative teams behind these titles and have respectfully copied the premise from official press copy or their online descriptions for your benefit. Let’s get right down to it as I still have to work off that Thanksgiving turkey 🙂

Comic - All-New Miracleman Annual 1 - 2014

All-New Miracleman Annual #1: It was the series that changed comics forever, injecting new sophistication into the medium and becoming one of the most significant works in comic history. Marvel is proud to present December’s ALL-NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #1, bringing you new stories from legendary talents! Celebrated comic creators Grant Morrison, Joe Quesada, Peter Milligan, and Mike Allred unite for a star-studded, can’t-miss comic event that will have the whole industry talking! “Miracleman is a legend that resonates deeply in the world of comics,” says Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. “Without its trailblazing stories, who knows what the landscape of comics would look like today? If you want to live up to that pedigree, you don’t pull any punches. That’s why we tapped two incredible creative teams — Grant Morrison and Joe Quesada; Peter Milligan and Mike Allred — for this historic annual. ALL-NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #1 is a must-read for any fan of the character, or the medium in general.”
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DC Comics 1st Issues Arriving In December 2014

The holidays are upon us my fine readers and that means you are going to want to stock up on some comic books so you have something to read after dinner with the loved ones. There are some interesting offerings this month from DC Comics and you can check them out below. I will be lining out my own views at the close. See you in a few.

Comic - Grayson Annual 1 - 2014

At last – it’s the secret origin of Helena Bertinelli!

Written by TIM SEELEY and TOM KING
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