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DC Comics Let’s Loose The Evil During “Villains Month” (9/2013)

Following some events at the tail end of the recent “Trinity War” shall come a new mini-series entitled “Forever Evil” and along with it “Villains Month”. What this means for you readers of the current DC Comics line is that for the entire month all of the existing titles shall halt and be replaced by single editions featuring the vilest of the vile. That’s right those nefarious foes of the protectors of mankind shall be set loose upon the masses. The Joker, Lex Luthor, Trigon, Darkseid, Black Manta and forty seven others shall make you look over your shoulder and look more cautiously at the shadows around you. Collectors be sure to make a section and some space in a box.

Banner - The New 52 Villians Month

The checklist for all of the issues is below and as already mentioned there is a title called “Forever Evil” that ties a lot of this together. My hope is to get a number of these titles offered up as overviews when its possible to do so. Oh and by the way, each cover will be done with a 3D lenticular cover so they should really look cool as well. What do you fans think of this particular initiative? The launch of The New 52 seems so long ago now since its September 2011 premiere and so many titles have been swapped out from the original bunch.

dc comics, villains month

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Starting tomorrow, I’m going to begin sharing the covers of the titles that will be hitting the racks for the next four weeks. It’s taken some prep time but I’ve secured them all along with a brief premise of the one-shot issue. Exciting huh? I think so. Stay tuned.

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Out Today: “Batman ’66” #1 by DC Comics

“Biff”, “Pow”, “Zam” or “Holy Digital Media Batman!!!!” The classic Batman series from the sixties has returned….in a sense. Presenting DC Comics latest digital comic “Batman ’66” whose first issue goes on sale today.

Comic - Batman 66 - 1
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It’s Free Comic Book Day (5/4/2013)

Well, it’s actually tomorrow but I felt that it would be better to get the word out for the masses the night before so you collectors can make your plans for some adventures at your neighborhood comic book shops. So what is “Free Comic Book Day” you might ask?

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Out Today: “House Of Gold And Bones” #1 by Dark Horse Comics

Comic - House Of Gold And Bones - 1

The “House Of Gold And Bones” comic book finds its first issue being released today by the great Dark Horse Comics and while its no longer uncommon for some illustrated medium coverage being done here on the Official PiercingMetal blog, this one in particular is being broadcast as comes care of Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor who has penned the tale. Its the singers first go at such a task and the story will be loosely based on the music that was heard on the Stone Sour pair of releases that bear the same name. The preview pages look nice but of course its not enough to give you a full grasp of the storyline, so a review of that will not be found in this posting. The four issue series will be illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander whose worked on a number of Dark Horse Comics properties over the years. I’m sure that the fans of Corey’s musical work will be taking to this title and bringing them along to signing appearances going forward.

I wish Taylor luck in this adventure and hope he spins a compelling tale when it all comes down to it. As a long time comics collector who’s followed a number of the greats I have to say that I expect the same from musical artists who brave this kind of realm. I’ve embedded links to where you can order a copy of the comic or the two CD’s by Stone Sour that make up the two part concept release (which I also still need to hear and review). Of course you can even purchase all three which I think will make everyone very happy.

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Out Today: “Hellblazer” #300 – Goodnight John Constantine…..

I’m not 100% certain it comes out today itself or within the coming days but the end result is the same as after just about twenty five years, DC Comics Vertigo imprint is ending it’s critically acclaimed “Hellblazer” title. It’s been running consistently since 1988 and became an at the time new Vertigo imprint title in 1993.

Comic - Hellblazer - 300
Hellblazer #300 – The Final Issue

PiercingMetal Thoughts: For those who might have been under a rock all these years or never actually read the title for some reason, “Hellblazer” featured John Constantine who we first met in “Swamp Thing” and was an original character creation of Alan Moore and Steve Bissette. He was a bit of a scoundrel and confidence man even then who worked alongside the powers of good with usually self-motivated means. When he received his own title it pushed the boundaries in a sense and featured stories about addiction, vice, religious themes and how the underworld is probably a lot closer than we would like to think. I was a consistent reader of the title up until about issue #100 when I began to taper off my collecting and was finding interest in other characters happenings a little bit more. Despite that I am still sad to see the long running title go away but can tell the readers of our comic postings that they can count on John Constantine being integrated more into the conventional DC Universe is his own new title “Constantine”. John has been a member of the “Justice League Dark” for a couple of years now and this remains one of my favorites of the New 52 initiative from late 2011. In my humble opinion the character has done well in that title but I guess they want to entrench him into the happenings of many of their other characters and hence the transition. Will it work? Only time will tell.

I’ll not spoil the final issue for you at all since that would make me as much the cur as Constantine himself was but you can leave comments about what you thought about it below and what the title might have meant to you as a fan for these last years.

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