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Z2 Comics & Anthrax Reveal “Among The Living” Graphic Novel

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The Press Release:
Just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Z2 gives music fans something to celebrate with news of one of the publisher’s most ambitious projects yet. The Among the Living graphic novel pulls together a who’s who of names from around comics and music for a track by track storyline inspired by one of heavy metal’s most iconic albums. Today’s announcement brings news that Anthrax has teamed with the leading publisher of music tie-in graphic novels to assemble an all-star cast of famous fans to bring the band’s breakthrough album to the printed page for the first time.

“Doing a comic book has always been a huge goal for me” said Anthrax’s Charlie Benante. “I’ve tried for years, but something always comes up and sidetracks me. I was ecstatic when Josh Bernstein brought the idea to us to do a graphic novel based on our album Among the Living. I felt that it was the perfect time and opportunity to fulfill that dream. I am a lifelong artist and have been drawing during the pandemic more than ever, so I had the idea to bring my own artwork to this project. As a fan of the Judge Dredd series since the 80’s, it was an honor to create cover art based off of Dredd and Judge Death. The amount of talent that is going into this project is astounding, I scratch my head just thinking about it!”
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Marvel Announces “Avengers Mech Strike” Series For 2021

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The Press Release:
A brand-new enemy has emerged in the Marvel Universe and even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are no match against it. But the Avengers aren’t so easily beaten, and when new threats arise, powerful new tools must be brought to bear! Suiting up in high-tech individualized armor, the Avengers stand ready for one of their greatest battles yet in the extraordinary new comic series, AVENGERS MECH STRIKE!

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“Avengers Mech Strike” #1

Written by Jed MacKay (Black Cat) with art by Carlos Magno (Fantastic Four, Empyre: Avengers), AVENGERS MECH STRIKE will kick off a bold new age of action-packed Avengers battles that will send shockwaves throughout the comic book industry and beyond! Uniting against an unstoppable enemy, AVENGERS MECH STRIKE #1 is just the beginning of this epic story that will unfold throughout next year!
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Now Playing: Universal Pictures “Freaky” (11/13/2020)

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Hello my Friends and a Happy Friday The 13th to you all. It’s my hope that it hasn’t been an overly creepy one at the onset because let’s face it, 2020 has been a bit of a disaster already. So today I’m back for one final time to share some news about the film “Freaky” which opens up today in a number of theaters. We’ve already shared the Official Trailer and the Slaughterhouse Clip so click that hyperlinked text to see them if you’d like and then peruse the official poster, premise and casting on this one before I close it up.

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The Premise: Tormented high school student, Millie Kessler, becomes the newest target of Barney Garris, an infamous serial killer known as the Blissfield Butcher, during her senior year. When the killer’s magic dagger causes her to swap bodies with him, Millie discovers she has only a day to reverse the switch or else remain trapped as a middle-aged murderer hunted by the city, while the real killer – in her body – targets her classmates at Homecoming.
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Marvel Announces Original “Predator” Comics Omnibus

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The Press Release:
Just as the Predators make their Marvel debut, fans can experience their original comics legacy in PREDATOR: THE ORIGINAL YEARS OMNIBUS VOL. 1. Following the landmark 1987 film, the Predator franchise thrilled comic book readers with various series depicting terrifying encounters with the extraterrestrial hunters and exploring the dark history of their species. Both Predator aficionados and newcomers will be able enjoy these classic tales in hardcover format this July.

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Original “Predator” Omnibus

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Now Streaming: “The Mandalorian” S2 on Disney+ (10/30/2020)

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Fans of all things Star Wars were loving every episode of the Disney+ original series “The Mandalorian” and like many of you, I myself subscribed exclusively to enjoy that show. If you didn’t see the Official Trailer and want to do so before diving in to the new season just click HERE to be on point. The series begins running an episode a week officially today and it really looks like a good time.

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The Premise:
Set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Empire, The Mandalorian follows Din Djarin, a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. In the second season, Djarin and “The Child” continue on their quest from the end of the first season, as they are pursued by Moff Gideon.
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