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Tour and Festival announcements. Also featured are the themed musical cruise excursions that our demographic rally behind.

Arsis Offers Up “A Celebration Of Guilt” 10th Anniversary Tour for 2014

Formed in the year 2000 by guitarist James Malone and drummer Mike Van Dynne, Arsis delivered a Technical Death Metal epic with their first album “A Celebration Of Guilt” and this would set the ball in motion on their career and impact upon the Metal scene. Over the years the band has seen numerous lineup and record label changes nut through it all, Malone continued to map out the bands vision and molten levels of Technical Death Metal. 2014 finds the band raising a glass to the 10th Anniversary of “A Celebration Of Guilt” and will be bringing along Allegeon and Exmortus as support. You can learn more about this tour by reading the press release below the poster and then we can examine the tour dates. Get going.

Tour - Arsis - Headline 2014
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Doro Pesch Announces 30th Anniversary Tour For North America

I’m hoping that the energetic live show that comes from the incredible Doro Pesch is something that most of you have seen by this time since we’ve been talking about her adventures for a few years now and if not, I am pleased to share the recent news about a brief tour she is doing in North America under the “Strong and Proud” banner. Check it out below.

The Press Release:
Having celebrated the 30 year anniversary of the first time she took the stage this past May with a two-night live concert party in her hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany in addition to shows throughout Europe, the U.K., and in Latin America, multi-decade recording artist & legendary metal maven DORO PESCH will be bringing her career-spanning anniversary show to North America this fall.

“The Anniversary Tour was incredibly well-received everywhere and we know there are many more places we need to get to,” shares vocalist & songwriter Doro. “I’m always super excited to play in the USA and Canada. Looking forward to seeing all our great fans, friends, and metalheads again. See you soon… Raise Your Fist!”
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Feed Your Frankenstein: Doyle’s “Annihilate America Tour” for 2014 Is Nigh!!!

He struck waves of fear into you with The Misfits; He sent bolts of lightning charged terror through your spine with Danzig and now with a month long run of solo dates, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein will make fear freeze your face!!!!! (queue super dramatic and yet still oddly terrifying music now…..) Yes Horror Punks own Monster Man has mapped out a series of shows that are guaranteed to make you look twice over your shoulder as you wander down those dark streets and you can learn more via the provided press release but first a word from our sponsor and the official tour poster.

Tour - Doyle Frankenstein - 2014
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Danzig Brings “Samhain” To NYC’s Best Buy Theater In November 2014

Now this should be exciting news for a lot of people because it appears as though Glen Danzig will be bringing his band Samhain to tour for a few select dates and one of these exclusive appearances will be at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square on November 1st. Pretty cool huh? I think so.

Tour - Samhain - 2014
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Presenting Life Of Agony’s Only US Date For 2014

Fans of the band Life Of Agony will likely be spinning in place with excitement as the news about the bands sole US appearance for 2014 taking place at the Starland Ballroom this coming September.

Tour - Life Of Agony - 2014

This will mark what amounts to the second reunion of Life Of Agony who seemed to be all about finished as a touring group over the last couple of years. Drummer Sal has his A Pale Horse Named Death group while Alan Robert has been working on comic book releases. Singer Mina has been doing solo gigs while Joey remains active in his studio working on numerous projects. That being said it’s definitely special when a band that is not currently touring decides to make a special one-off appearance and the Starland Ballroom will be the perfect place for this particular show. Personally speaking I’ve never been more than the casual listener to this particular band but I do know plenty of fans out there who felt that this band spoke to them on numerous levels across their lives with their debut “River Runs Red” and its follow-up “Ugly”. I’ve caught them on various tours a couple of times over the years and can attest to their being able to deliver a solid show. This will clearly be one that their fans remember for a long, long time.

Tickets for this special event of a show will go on sale on July 18th at noon and you can purchase one by clicking HERE

Official Website:
Official Website:

Below you can find several of their bodies of musical work. If you are curious, you can always investigate via these links.