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PiercingMetal Spotlights: Motorhead

When it comes to honesty in one’s delivery of the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal justice you will find no one better at the task than Lemmy Kilmister and his comrades in Motorhead. At the time of this posting, it’s been just under thirty five years that the band has been in action and their albums are bonafide classics. Growing up as an eighties Metal youth I remember seeing the cover for “Ace Of Spades” and knowing that it just had to be purchased and I cannot stress how glad I was to snare it way back then as it’s remained my very favorite in the bands catalog. Over the years the lineups have changed and found Lemmy to be the only constant and yet no matter who has come and gone from the ranks, the music remains vital and their live shows deafening. They are truly louder than anything else. We’ve covered a number of the bands releases and some live appearances since the website began and readers can enjoy all of this content by clicking the logo below. It will launch a search query on the bands content on the main website.

motorhead logo

Remember that you can learn more about the bands activities on their social networks, official page and Wikipedia entry. All have been linked below for your edification.

Motorhead Official:

New York 80’s Rockers “Takashi” To Reunite/Record In 2011

The fine folks over at Coallier Entertainment asked the PiercingMetal command center to share this little bit of coolness with you all so please dig into this official statement.  I am sure that you will find it interesting.

Classic Takashi Group Shot
Classic Takashi Group Shot

The 80’s rock group TAKASHI announces a return after 30 years …TAKASHI, formed in 1981 will reunite in 2011 to release classic, remastered and new material.

In 1983 Mongol Horde Records released TAKASHI, ALIEN, THOR and VIRGIN STEELE. TAKASHI’s Kamikaze Killers release received great press from such noted magazines such as Kerrang, Hit Parader and more. TAKASHI supported dates for Metallica on the Kill’em All Tour, Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Joe Perry and more. All the members of TAKASHI have remained active in the music business.

Today, frontman Danny Stanton is president of Coallier Entertainment in NYC which handles, and or works with artists such as Twisted Sister, Ace Frehley, Lita Ford, Sebastian Bach, Steve Augeri, and many more…Danny is also owner of Diamond Drop Recording Studio’s and Evolution Sound Stage in New York.  Craig Cory (then, Khoury) still writes and records while rocking the Las Vegas music scene with his band and company CK Productions.  Bob “Space” Simonson has worked with Public Enemy, Terminator X, Advanced Idea Mechanixx and continues to produce and record.  Tom Cangemi owns a production company for artist development in Colorado and continues to produce, write and engineer. Some of Tommy’s credits include Mandy Moore, Willa Ford, LFO, as well as Jingles and commercials for Budwiser, 20th Century Fox, Gap, the TV series Charmed and more.
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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Foursquare

This particular Social Networking medium was somewhat fascinating when I learned what it was all about because its premise was very different in comparison to the others out there.  When a user creates their Foursquare profile, they can then “Check In” to where they are at that particular time whether it be a restaurant, bar or shopping establishment.   This is done via their mobile device but you can also keep tabs on the account with the website.

I mentioned how you “check in” via your mobile device, and since I have only seen this being used on a Smart phone, I will have to guess that you need one of those to do this proper. When you do check in, it shows you that other users are there with you and perhaps some are even your friends. As we find being the case with other social networking mediums, you can add friends to your own Foursquare so you can interact better and it seems to even let strangers request that they be added to your friends. I will admit that this part I am not too crazy about myself and I am very careful when doing this. Once you check in you also earn points on a leader board and are compared to your friends who are also using it and depending on what you do you can earn some kind of badge for doing so. A good frame of reference might be a trophy earned in a PS3 or Xbox Gaming environment. These add onto your account and get displayed to your friends. There is another cool side of Foursquare and that is when an establishment makes specials for those who are considered the Mayor of the place. This could be a coupon of some kind or something free for their constant patronage. I think this is pretty cool but some of the places exploring this treat to Foursquare users need to upgrade what they are giving out as some are really cheap. You know who you are 🙂

A close female friend of mine said she hates this medium as she feels it makes for a better stalker and while she might be correct in that, I have to say that ANY of the mediums that disclose your personal information help this to become the case. If you do use Foursquare and are hesitant about telling people where you are at the exact moment, then perhaps you want to log into the space as you leave them for good measure. Perhaps it is not exactly the kind of thing for you to use if you get too nervous about stuff like that, and no one will fault you for it at all. You can connect this to your Twitter and Facebook accounts which I have done with my own.

I’ve not linked my own Foursquare to this narrative because its not a site one even though I do use it during my adventures as a music journalist and his PiercingMetal brand name. I debated creating one for purely show happening purposes but really decided against it since there is only so much time in the day that one can spend on this kind of stuff. We all have those friends who are addicted to the social networks so I am sure you will agree with me. To explore Foursquare for yourself you can click the logo above and be taken to their domain page. Investigate around by creating a profile and tinkering with it, but by all means delete it should you feel uncomfortable by how it works. Should you want to learn more about the company itself, please take a look at it’s Wikipedia entry HERE.

PS: Facebook in its quest to be the one all and be all has instituted “Places” in their services and this let’s you denote where you are at a given time as you would in Foursquare and also to “Tag” friends that might be with you or those you have run into who also happen to be on your Profile Friends list.  They do not let you accrue points or badges like Foursquare does and that aspect makes me use it less than I would if it had.

PiercingMetal’s Editorial for 2010

Editorial: The Year in Reviews for 2010

Did anyone get the license plate number on the truck that hit us all and called itself 2010? Wow what a year for the Metal Scene and individuals as a whole this was. It was one of those years that just when you managed to dust off your jacket and get your head clear that something else would come at you and knock you back down. Of course there were those who felt that it was not all that bad for them but the larger consensus that I established was that it was a year that many were happy to see go away so we could hope for better memories and experiences in the coming one. The economy didn’t change for the better for many of us and for those who pursue the medium of being a review scribe there were changes in how we did things that while some viewed as more economical made the task all the more hard. Despite some of the harder moments of the 2010 months I had to say that the focus and resolve of what I do for you on PiercingMetal remained strong. It was a year where more emphasis was based on the concert reports and delivering photos to you instead of just being one of the many product reviewers out there. I have always made it a point about the site being something of a catch all that gave you more than just a standard expectation. We also worked more closely with those representatives of the media who have been our best allies since site launch and didn’t bother with the ones who felt that our voice was not as important to them as some others might now be. Let’s face it; there is a ton of places to surf online and perhaps based on all of the other stimulus available, a little too much. I’ve broken down some parts of the site into segments to speak on them as I have been doing since we started with this little experiment back in 2005. It’s not a best of list or a what I felt was amazing against that which was not, but more my views on the various facets of the industry I am dealing with as a writer and founder of the site and how I see it moving forward for the greater Metal good. There’s a lot to absorb so thanks in advance for continuing along in this. Let’s get down to business with this “State Of The Site” observation.
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Rockin’ In Brooklyn @ The Bell House

These days you don’t have to trek all the way into Manhattan to have a seriously rocking time. Here’s why….

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