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“You Shall Not Pass (Photo Pass That Is)” – Story 2

My plan is to use this little headline for the tales which revolve around some of the more amusing adventures I have encountered while trying to snare the proper image for the sake of solid reporting. If such a thing is even possible based on the surroundings. My goal is never designed to be mean-spirited, unappreciative or as “finger pointing” but instead to show how a lot of this leaves a consistent amount of head scratching in this journalist. With that, the curtain draws up on Cappy smoking a pipe and sitting in his chair as he lines out the tales of not too distant past.
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I remembered attending one of the shows for super hot Glam band that was still going strong many years later, and while I focus on the heavier side of things there are shows that find me looking for nothin’ but a good time when it comes down to it. So I get there and enjoy a couple of beers with friends and get my tickets and lo and behold my photo credentials are present at the same time – no fuss, no muss and frantic wait times for any of this stuff to come to pass. Once in I found my actual seat and told my friends that I would soon join them when the “work at hand” had been completed. So down to the front I went and found the barricade that I usually stand in for shooting but when I arrived the security chap said and where do you think you are going. I smile, showcase the pass that said Media/Photo and said “well I am off to shoot the first three songs of the show”. For those that don’t know how this works, the three songs are what you are allotted as a member of the media forces. I then asked how to get into the pit to do this stuff and he replied well that is for the photographers and journalists to which I double checked my pass and was pretty sure it said the exact same thing. Well, despite this he would not let me in the gate but did not give me shit about remaining directly there to do my work and be crushed by the audience who were excited to see their heroes.
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“You Shall Not Pass (Photo Pass That Is)” – Story 1

I’ve been lucky to attend a lot of concerts and do the journalism “thing” and while I totally appreciate every experience I was musing recently about some of the more painstaking endeavors I had undertaken and felt that they might be some fun recanting for this new blog offering of – The common view about I do this seems to be that I simply just call the magic powers that be and then its all set. Not really, there is a lot of work around the request and certainly during and after any show as well. This posting is not about that aspect but instead about a couple of instances where for whatever reason things did not run as smoothly as I had been led to believe. Let me also be clear that this musing is never about pointing fingers or being vindictive and just aims to show this is not without surprise issues so don’t read too far into it.

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One of my favorite encounters was when we were hitting a “Super Mega Tour” that was happening and we had decided to trek out to Poughkeepsie instead of here closer to NYC. I am going back to 2005 for this tale and the day started out fine with it being a scorching hot Summer day. We had been confirmed by our reps and were excited to be lending the journalizing love to this one. Once we were situated and at the venue’s window I presented my ID and email to prove I was actually me. I got my ticket and then my photo pass. It said the event name on the pass and this was great since it allows you the ability to shoot the show and not just one group. With my camera and ticket in hand I made my way in and was given the “HALT!!!” by Security. He said “you cant bring the camera in here, go back to your car”, so I smiled politely and showed the pass and said “no worries, Media Guy official business”. He looked at me sternly and said “not with a counterfeit pass you ain’t” – and here I was stymied because not five feet away did the venue themselves issue me this Rep Approved pass and ticket. I asked what the idea was and how such a pass could be counterfeit and he said it just is and we are not letting you in with it. My associates behind me had the same pass and tickets and since the venue was letting people all in as a straight line I have now amassed hundreds of Metal heads eager to get into the show. From there we moved aside since I was curious how to resolve this based on the new information.
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“Pre-PiercingMetal Beginnings” or “The Origins Of What I Do” hit the two year mark only a couple of weeks ago and now that its broken the “sophomore curse” this little narrative was penned about how it came to pass in the first place.

I grew up on Spider-Man and Batman comics so a detailed origin story always appealed to me. I mention it like this since one of the questions that I often find myself getting is how I even started up with the reviewing music and concert coverage stuffs. So for those that are interested here is the “official origin story” of this little adventure. It began in the Summer of 2003 when the band Nightwish was making an appearance at the once legendary and now closed L’Amour club. I had been a Metal fan for most of my life since I once was a performer in several local bands of note from my area. The weird thing was finding myself attending a lot more shows around this time since so many fresh and exciting sounds were becoming more available from Europe and some were beginning to travel to our regions. I felt that if they could make the thousands of miles trek then I could certainly hop a car service from one neighborhood to the next.
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My Dinner (or Lunch) with Finland’s Sonata Arctica

This week was an interesting one and had I taken the initiative to generate this thing earlier the information would have flowed a little more in order of occurence. This fact troubles me as the Technical Guy, since I am a fan of both order and detail. That which confuses, ruins the flow of information or makes things come off as nonsense and with Music Adventuring there is plenty of nonsense to come naturally without me offering any extra. Be that as it may, I digress from my original point.

Food & Metal Uniting As One
My week started off with a really cool opportunity to enjoy lunch with members of the Finnish Metal sensation Sonata Arctica, who were in town for a CD Listening that was open to the general public. Lead singer Tony Kakko and keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg would be present to spin this CD for the fans and mingle among them answering questions and posing for the ever-necessary MySpace photos. Earlier in the day the guys and their rep from Nuclear Blast Records would head down to New York City’s Chinatown and hit one of my very favorite restaurants “Nha Trang”. The selection of this place came as a pleasant surprise to me, for I had recommended it to the label rep when Hammerfall was in town for a similar listening event but there was just insufficient time to do it. Luckily, they would keep the card for future reference and bring it on the next adventure into the City. Nha Trang is a Vietnamese restaurant, and there are so many delicious things in the place that I would be writing for days just explaining them. It’s been there for a number of years, and I only first heard about them when my friend Peter Pardo (Publisher of suggested I join him before we hit a show. Been a fan ever since, so back to “The Metal Lunch”.

Welcome to PiercingMetal Musings; The Official Blog of

While I’ve been meaning to start this blog thing up for some time, therein lies the problem – the time to get it done properly and keep it interesting. I’m convinced that working a 9-5 job all day and then choosing to do the “Metal Media Guy” thing in the evening is not only going to cost me my sleep but also my sanity. Oh well, I guess we shall see what happens going forward. My plan for this blog is to outline some of the other thoughts that I come up with based on or around the Heavy Metal reviews website that I have had for a couple of years now, and the adventures that I sometimes have in running it. Let’s face it, not everything that happens in my day as a writer and photographer fall into the context of conventional review. If it works and interests some who have never heard of before then fantastic, and on the other hand if it becomes merely a place to rant and vent about weird stuff that happens then I guess that is acceptable as well. I can’t focus too much on senseless worry as it clogs the creative process. I will do my best to get down to the business of living life as a music scribe, enjoying it, and delivering stories that I found interesting enough to tell. Perhaps I will add some topics that relate to the comic book medium or films since I am very interested in those but only the geek stuff. It might be a good idea to lead you to certain review content on the main website like the shows and since you cannot comment on those posts based on the hard coded HTML, the blog is the perfect place for you to lend me your thoughts. It’s going to be a constant work in progress I am thinking.
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