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“Happy 2112 Day” Because It’s 2-1-12 Today :)

Today is February 1st, 2012 but if you write it out in numbers alone it’s 2-1-12. Get rid of those little dashes and you will see it as “2112” which I guess in some sense makes this a day to celebrate the band Rush. Why not? So today let me as the Master and Commander of the PiercingMetal Enterprise wish you all a very Happy 2112 Day. I have to say that we love Rush over here at the command center and while I’ve not yet examined the entire catalog in terms of review, there is a decent amount of content for you to enjoy on the website. I’ll link to that stuff down below but first here is a photograph to commemorate the day.

Silly I know, and I actually used this before over on the PiercingKen blog after a trip to Atlantic City. Since I didn’t have all that many images with such numbers on them, I decided to use this one more time for good measure. I hope you’ll forgive me for this but I had limited resources and really wanted to have a photo along with this wish.

That being said, please check out our existing website content for the almighty Rush by clicking HERE. Since PiercingMetal is an ever expanding thing you diehards can be rest assured that the band will continue to be reviewed and added to the site as time goes forward. There is a very expansive catalog to feature after all.

Thanks for listening. Now please continue along with your day and I’ll see you all again soon with more concert reviews and other Metal industry related thoughts that I come up with.

No More Art of Telling Lies as Vains Of Jenna Breaks Up :(

Another one bites the dust. Well, in a manner of speaking that is….

According to the newsworthy Metal media providers over at, it seems that the Swedish Sleaze Rockers Vains Of Jenna have decided to call it a career and are breaking up after seven years of performing together. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the band a couple of times since over the recent years of PiercingMetal adventuring and have to say that this is a little bit of a bummer because they clearly delivered some good stuff and were very energetic in concert. I consider myself lucky being able to enjoy any band in concert and kind of sad when they call it quits since I tend to think that more people would have enjoyed what they were all about if they only had the same opportunity to catch them.

PiercingMetal coverage of the band can be viewed HERE

The band states that this was an amicable split and no one holds anyone to blame about the decision. On each of the occasions that I saw them they had a different singer with the first being Lizzy DeVine and the second Jesse Forte. Lizzy left not long after the gig that I caught over at Santo’s Party House and it was reported recently how Jesse joined up with George Lynch’s band The Lynch Mob. Obviously the latest change was instrumental in the larger group decision and with that being the case the song had ended. At least for now. I opted to categorize this under “Heavy Metal Happenings” more than “Heavy Metal Holy Sh*t” or “When The Music Died” because I didn’t feel that either applied at the end of the day. This was a fun band that I enjoyed and I wish all of the members well in their next adventure. I am sure that we have not heard the last from any of them, and we all know just how permanent band breakups are don’t we?

Learn more about the band on their Wikipedia Entry HERE

Also check out some quick footage that I shot with the Panasonic Lumix from their last NYC appearance during the Big City Rebels event.

I’ve assembled a Widget in with several pieces of their music for fans to complete build up their collections with. Check it out and remember that it is NEVER too late to support a band.

Sticking It To S.O.P.A.

Just the other day, the leading Internet sites of the Planet Earth in this sector of the Galactic Metal Empire “blacked out” and “censored” themselves in protest of a recently proposed House Bill called the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or “S.O.P.A.” for short. I’m not kidding about this for when you opened up Wikipedia or Google (to name a couple of the giants who did something) you would see some kind of self-censoring that prevented you from proper use of these mediums. It was slightly unnerving and I would like to think that it did send some kind of message to the people who support it. Let’s continue a little bit on this by looking at the actual proposed Bill.

Continue reading Sticking It To S.O.P.A.

PiercingMetal & Social-Networking: Pinterest

I first heard about Pinterest thanks to the postings over on the Blog World & New Media Expo Facebook page that I am a fan of. This mention intrigued me since they often point out things that are very helpful to resources like my own and columns such as this that try to explain the good and bad of such things. That being said, my next Social Networking examination would be “Pinterest”. It appears to be a combination of the word “pin” and “interest”. Clever.

Pinterest is labelled as an online pin board where you can keep reference to things that interest you the most. After I managed to get my account activated (you had to request an invite during the early stages like Google+ before being approved) I figured I would use the service to broadcast several friends websites as my test subjects and hence send more friends over to my friend SkeletonPete, the Beehive Hairdresser and even my own PiercingKen site but there didn’t appear to be a clear way to do this kind of thing. Instead I was able to add several of my existing Facebook friends and choose to “Follow Them” much like is done in Twitter. Once they find a pinner who they have interest in, I will see it, and the same applies for things that I enjoy being broadcast to them. Sadly this did not have any immediate value for the things I was doing on because there did not see to be an easily discoverable “music” category. There was Art, Photography, Cooking, and Tourism, so I followed a bunch of people for good measure. I did add the websites that I mentioned a little earlier but who knows if they will find any additional readers for me.

I understand that this is a new thing so perhaps it has some kinks to work out, but at the end of the day I just had far too many other things keeping my interest so I will not be playing around on Pinterest all that much. Maybe it is what you are looking for and if so, that is awesome.

Official Website:

Set The Killswitch Engage To Pause As Howard Jones Departs…

I didn’t think I would get one of my Heavy Metal Holy Sh*ts posted so early in the year, but with new days dawning in people’s minds along with new plans and interests, I guess leaving a band that one has been an integral part of for many years can also come to pass. Such is the case with Metalcore vocalist Howard Jones who has left the ranks of Killswitch Engage after ten years. I’ll admit to my being not much more than a casual fan and when they had their original singer Jesse Leach I was hardly into this kind of stuff at all. I actually liked what Howard brought to the band a little more than the stuff with Leach but that is a personal preference of my own. There were folks who worshiped the original singers input.

Howard Jones with Killswitch Engage in NYC (3/2007)

Howard made the news back in early 2010 when it was rumored on a Allie Storm’s (a porn star) Twitter that she was carrying his baby. I admit I lost interest and track of the story as I like less TMZ in my Metal and this was the dude’s personal life and his own to deal with. Jones would take a “rest” from the band at this time and be filled in for by All That Remains’ own Phil Labonte. So what now you might ask? Well, who the hell knows as this news just broke and I pieced my thoughts together from my own background and the stuff on the bands Facebook and official site. It has to be true since its on Facebook and already on Wikipedia right? Right.

I loved Howard’s voice in the band and wish him the very best in his next musical adventure. Perhaps he will be the next one to write an autobiography. Whatever the case may be he will surely have a lot of followers because he did right in this band for a good chunk of years. Good Luck Howard.

Official Website: