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KISS Invades Wal-Mart!!! (10/9/2009)

The day was finally here for the world’s KISS fans as their newest CD “Sonic Boom” was unleashed upon the masses and if you lived in the United States or Canada, the recording would be available exclusively at Wal-Mart retailers.  This was pretty big news considering the fact that this is the world’s largest retailer and that some 2800 hundred stores would be setting up special KISS displays to commemorate the occasion.

A Typical Wal-Mart Superstore
A Typical Wal-Mart Superstore

As a long time music fan and purchaser I didn’t find the fact that KISS signed this deal to be all that strange for them to do. Given that we had recently seen similar deals done by the likes of Journey, AC/DC, The Eagles and even Foreigner it seemed to make the most sense at the end of the day. After all, this year alone saw the closure of the Virgin Megastores and Circuit City and this cut two major means of physically purchasing music out of the picture so unless you solely bought your music online you would be searching just a little harder for places to get your latest and greatest releases. The new KISS CD “Sonic Boom” would be a special edition and feature not only new music from the band but also re-recorded classics and a live DVD of concert footage.  Journey did the exact same thing with their “Revelation” album while Foreigner gave us a remixed collection of their classics as opposed to redone ones with “Can’t Slow Down”.   I had to admit that I needed to double check myself in the liner notes on the Foreigner disc as I originally thought I was listening to Kelly Hansen so a dead on Lou Gramm. We reviewed each of these CD’s on when they came out so to read the Journey one click HERE and to see the Foreigner one click HERE if you are curious about what we had to say about them.
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Legendary KISS Display @ Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City (10/5/2009)

You never know what you are going to see when you go traveling and decide to pay attention to that which is around you. That being said I offer up this brief narrative and the suggestion to always have some kind of camera onhand.

kiss logo

I had spent the previous day and night in Atlantic City to get away from the hustle and bustle of Metal Media Madness in NYC and when I realized that I was near the Hard Rock Cafe over there I went in and joked with the staff to “point me to the KISS stuff” and the unexpected answer was “just walk down this corridor since its all right there”. Indeed it was as these couple of photos clearly demonstrate demonstrate.

KISS Display Case - Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City, NJ
KISS Display Case - Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City, NJ

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PiercingMetal & Social Networking:

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet, this is VampireFreaks.

VampireFreaks: Finally there is a place where all of the Goths, Darkwavers and Metal fans can go to mingle and discuss whatever is on their dark minds. Several months ago while out in the field covering a show, I met with some of the people who formed the site and was impressed with their dedication about not only bringing a fan base together, but also forming something united for a sub-culture that is all too often ignored. At their suggestion, we created a profile and as expected its goal is to direct a little extra visiting over to what we do on – if you are someone with a profile already, feel free to add us but understand that we maintain the sites Facebook, Twitter, and Blog pages more regularly. This of course all being done after the regular writing and photo editing has been finished.

Clicking the logo above will take you to my very limited profile but it is still online for you to see. To learn more about just click the Wikipedia entry below.

Official Website:

UPDATE: 12/3/2017: After a very long period of non-use I have deleted the PiercingMetal account from – We shall not be returning in an effort to keep a better focus on where the brand has an account.

All You Need Is “The Beatles”: Now Remastered (9/9/2009)

Metal website’s official blog or not this is some pretty big and super cool news. The Beatles catalog has been fully remastered and is available as of a couple of days ago and what a day to offer it up to their fans, September 9th 2009 or “9-9-9” (you know like the song “Revolution #9 that says “number 9, number 9, number 9” again and again. This is also cool news for those fans who are a little too young to have fully appreciated the band and might be curious about those round black plates in their parents music collection. Sadly those entrenched in the digital age will need to hold on as these are purely physical releases and not available in iTunes or even MP3 providers at this time. I am sure we shall see this happening soon enough though.

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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Orkut

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is Orkut.

Orkut:: Orkut is a social networking site that is run by Google, and originally the users needed an invite to create an account of their own. According to research this is the top most visited site in Brazil and the second most visited site in India. Based on these statistics it made perfect sense to check out what was going on over there and see if it applied for some proper use for and my writings. Like MySpace and Facebook, the service had a unique look and feel to it and offered Groups and Forums to its members. Since we didn’t want too much in the way of maintenance we created a “Community” for PiercingMetal and for those who might not be aware of it, the community is how they label what we know as groups over on things like MySpace and the others. We use the community on the network to post major site initiatives, concert reviews and interviews and rather than copying and pasting all of the stuff on the main site, I instead post direct links to the content on the official domain. So far this has been met with a positive response and of course we hope that any of our Orkut supporters are subscribing to the blogs RSS feed or following the more used mediums of Facebook and Twitter.

I made a couple of my real world friends the moderators of that particular community but admit that it is in dire need of some updating. There is only so much time in the day and when given the option to update the main site or the Orkut, guess which one wins……I guess I should ask those people to begin copying and pasting the most relevant links to keep up appearances. To learn more about the social network itself, just look into their Wikipedia entry below.

Official Website: