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PiercingMetal’s Inside Look At NYC’s New Stage 48 Venue…

Attenion all concert fans of New York City for there is a new venue in town and it’s name is Stage 48. The club is located down on 48th Street just off 11th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen and just the other day, PiercingMetal had the honor of walking through the club with their Marketing Director in order to bring you some inside details about it.

Welcome To Stage 48

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Positive Thoughts From One Of Our Stomping Grounds…

While adventuring in NYC just the other day, I happened by one of my usual Music Journalist haunts, the venerated Times Square venue known as B.B. King Blues Club and Grill. It seemed as though they had a message for the NYC passerby and I could not resist sharing it with all of our readers as we begin a brand new month of concert coverages. What a positive note from this fun place.

"Have A Nice Day NYC"
“Have A Nice Day NYC”

Longtime readers of the PiercingMetal site know full well about our adventures here but the newer ones might find it interesting to learn that over the last eight years we have attended over 175 Hard Rock and Metal shows at the venue. Curious Metal fans can read all about those shows by clicking that photo if they like as doing so will bring up every item tagged with the “B.B. King Blues Club” brand. I’ve lost count about how many individual groups had been photographed since many of these shows had three and four bands per bill. As we’ve likely awakened your own personal concert craving, I pasted the venues link and our own regional events calendar for you to be in the loop at all times. I hope to see you there sometime in the near future.

Official Website:

Our Events Calendar:

Prepare Thine Metal Self For “A Traveler’s Guide to Space and Time” by Blind Guardian (2/4/2013)

Logo - Blind Guardian

Some of the other media resources for Metal had previously discussed this, but I held back from sharing it since it was too far away as a release and now at least you can order yourself a copy (if you have not already done so) right from this posting and if you have not, there is truly no time like the present. I copied the entire press description from the Official Blind Guardian website so please read on.

CD - Blind Guardian - Travelers Guide - 2

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I Want To Review & Photograph “Compressorhead”!!!

Tonight I was finalizing all those “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” and decided to tool around Facebook for a little while and I saw a posting that two of my friends had shared. So thanks to both Nick and Eddie for catching my attention on this and once I delved into yon link I knew I just had to share this in a posting on the Musings with some additional thoughts. The subject is the Mechanical Metal band known as “Compressorhead” and rather than explain exactly what that means right now, I will let this video do the splaining for me. Check it out, as its hella awesome.

Now as a lifelong comic book fan, I love heroic things, robots, technology and as the Metal head I love uhm….Metal, so when you put all these things together the result is very obviously awesome. What bums out the music journalist in me is the fact that the group does not seem to be stateside and is instead something being done over in Australia. I thought that I wanted to see the Finnish Dinosaur Metal band a lot but this one has stepped up the interest level for me, and I would so love to be doing this whole “Metal Scribe” thing at one of their shows. It surely looks like a blast from a jet engine. Alright that is all I have for you fine folks now. Check out their official website to learn more. It’s really cool stuff.

Official Website:

PiercingMetal’s “2012 Year In Blogging”

I’m taking a short breather from our running series of “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” to share some recently received statistics from WordPress’ Jetpack feature and to briefly speak about some of the last year’s blog activity outside of them while I am at it. PiercingMetal has been hosting an Official Blog on WordPress since early 2008 and I’ve been blogging since around this same time since 2007. I’ve mentioned that I was initially hesitant about the medium but now am a diehard fan. 2012 found me using the Official Blog for PiercingMetal as much as the features on the core website. It’s safe to say that in 2012 PiercingMetal became two distinct ideals, each with its own format and feel. With my being a WordPress blogger, they send out their annual report on your blogging based on the information that Jetpack compiles. The first is their view on the numbers hitting the blog. Check it out.
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