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Metal Wreckage Presents “The Daily Steel” (9/24/2012)

I’m generally not one to do commercial broadcasts here on the PiercingMetal Musings blog, but I will surely make an exception when something that strikes me as cool comes into my line of fire. That being said let’s talk about “The Daily Steel” which is an initiative that was just started today by the fine folks at Metal Wreckage. Here is what I know about from the emails that I have been receiving to laud its benefits and oh yes before we begin, there might be a few of you readers who don’t know what in the hell Metal Wreckage even is yet so let me address that first. Metal Wreckage is a shopping club that focuses exclusively on that which be Metal and you can join it for free (how cool is that). I don’t recall when this club actually had its official launch, but this new “The Daily Steel” is something that has just started off today. Its an obvious play on the word “steal” and I love how its application was used in the Metal sense. Keeping this free to participate in is awesome because there are far too many things that are “pay to play” nowadays and let’s face it, not everyone has extra cash to toss to something to just let them reap some benefits.

The way it works is that you get the chance as a member of the club to purchase one of the daily “Steels” at a certain price for a set amount of time. What are the “Steels” you might ask? Well, from what I see in the emails these deals are special limited edition items, like signed items, special packaged boxed sets, high quality vinyl… get the picture? Based on what I have seen coming across my Internet screen I will assume that each of them gets a 24 hour clock or until supplies run dry. It’s the kind of thing that you need to act fast on and can be viewed almost as a Heavy Metal version of Groupon or the similar program that runs. I totally can say how the time is of the essence methodology needs to be applied if you see something that you like because I have missed deals on both of the providers that I just mentioned because I felt that I could “get to it later”. With “The Daily Steel” you snooze and you lose its as simple as that. The “Daily Steels” for this week coming seem to be some pretty cool ones and they are as follows; 9/24 – As I Lay Dying, 9/25 – Anthrax, 9/26 – In This Moment, 9/27 – Six Feet Under, and 9/28 – Baroness. Whew. There appears to be a lot of Metal Blade Records stuff this week which is awesome since there is a “30th Anniversary Event” to attend and document for you readers happening tomorrow that I have been invited to. Don’t worry I will bring that story to you and not leave out a single detail for good measure.

Not much else to say on this, so click the link and sign yourself up so you have the chance to partake in some Metal indulgence. Enjoy and now its back to the regularly scheduled articles, blogging, calendar entries, photos and social networking. Whew. I need a beer.

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PiercingMetal’s K.P. Interviewed By Blogworld

Some of my readers might remember when we covered the Blog World and New Media Expo back in 2011 but if its news to you then just click the link to know what I am talking about. It was an interesting visit for sure and since that time I have kept up with their articles and topics of discussion because they are very helpful to anyone who needs to keep their Social Networking in play and better entertain their audience with their blogs or official websites. Like most enterprises these days, the Blog World Expo (now referred to as New Media Expo) has an Official Facebook Page and I enjoy being an active participant to their postings and learning from the members of their online community.

That brings me to this really cool recent happening where I was approached by Allison Boyer (a writer for the BWE Blog and owner of Blog Zombies) who wanted to do a quick interview with me about the process and practices I have as founder of the PiercingMetal website and its companion blog and how some of my ideas might help out the aspiring creative. It was indeed an honor to be asked and to get to share my thoughts about the whole process with the readers of Blog World. Many thanks to Allison for the interest in what I am doing with the PiercingMetal brand and for allowing me to speak to their audience.

Check out the interview on the Blog World site by clicking HERE.

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The Barclays Center Has Officially Opened!

Move over Madison Square Garden because Brooklyn is keeping an eye on you with the brand spanking new Barclays Center that has officially opened to the public today. Somehow we missed the opening hoopla and I guess the invite to that went to some other address but oh well, how cool is it to have a new events space such as this in our beautiful Brooklyn. Pretty damned cool if you ask me. Take a look at the image below, its rather striking and looks like an otherworldly craft of some kind.

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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your……Queensryche!!!

I don’t want any of you Metal Legions to tell me that you didn’t see this one coming. What’s that? You didn’t? Well okay, I guess I should believe you when you tell me that you never expected that Geoff Tate would eventually announce the formation of his own Queensryche and start to map out his touring plans after being fired as the singer for the original Queensryche. Maybe I am just still shocked about that particular case scenario.

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The Frank Zappa Re-Issues Continue With Second Wave (8/31/2012)

Yes I know that “Freak Out” was the first actual Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention album and hence a part of the first wave of re-issues that were coming care of the arrangement between the Zappa Family Trust and Universal Music but give me a little bit of an artistic license here. I still have a few more chapters to post and make it up to you. For those who are just joining us and seeing this as completely new news, for the first time in many, many years – the entire music catalog of the late great Frank Zappa is back in the hands of the Zappa Family Trust and are being re-issued by Universal Music.   I spoke about it in THIS POST in case you are wondering.  For those legacy fans who might not have a complete set as yet now is the perfect time to start fixing that. I have also said this in the earlier post but will repeat again that this is great for the new fan and those too young to have experienced Zappa when he was still with us. He was the king of experimentation and innovation along with creativity in sound and they need to follow this legacy especially if they are fans of Progressive music.

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