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R.I.P.: Riot’s Mark Reale (1/25/2012)

Wow. I had to say that I really didn’t expect this news to be the case even though the Metal Republic and I had been informed about the critical shape that guitarist Mark Reale was in when I attended the New York City based band Riot’s gig last week at B.B. King’s. The band had recently released the album “Immortal Soul” and it’s been receiving some really great reviews and while I still need to get a copy and focus my thoughts on it, I had to say that I really enjoyed what the band did live. The guitarist had been suffering from Crohn’s disease for most of his life and even though he was often in considerable pain according to press reports, he would press on and perform for his fans again and again. Shortly before the tour began it was reported how Mark was in the hospital in critical condition based on complications from his illness but the band would press on in his name and not let the fans down. Singer Tony Moore had us remaining hopefully but few actually knew that the guitarist was actually in a coma all this time since January 11th.

My exposure to Riot was limited at best and yet everything that I ever heard I seemed to like. It’s almost funny for me to wonder why I was never following them before or outside of the one album that I owned. That just happens sometimes because there really is a ton of Metal and Hard Rock to enjoy if you choose to expand your horizons past Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. If you love the heavy side of things and cannot move past those legends I strongly suggest you try because its a wonderful world. Despite Mark’s absence from the appearance, the show that I attended was nothing less than kick ass and I was very hopeful that he would be able to pull through and be rocking for his fans once again. Sadly this would not be the case and the dire complications from this illness would take him from us. He was 56 years of age.

Mark Reale was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1955 and his love of the artists of the day would lead him to form Riot in 1975. The band became a staple on the New York City Hard Rock and Metal scene and throughout the bands often tumultuous lineup shifts he would remain its sole original member from their first album “Rock City” until their 2011 release “Immortal Soul”. There are seventeen albums in total available on labels like Metal Blade Records, Epic Records, Capitol Music and SPV Records so the new and legacy fans really have their purchase work ahead of them if they do not have a complete set of their catalog. The question remains as to whether or not the band shall continue on without him, because he was not only the founding member but also the only one left who was touring with them at this point in music history. I’d like to keep positive because this was such a good show and the band has numerous killer tunes. Of course I also have my doubts about it as do many other fans in media. It’s hard enough for newer in the public eye regularly bands to keep going on much less a legacy group that has just lost its founder. Only time will tell right?

On behalf of the PiercingMetal brand name I send sincere and heartfelt condolences out to Mark’s worldwide fans, friends, band mates and of course his loved ones. He really did some good for the Metal scene and his music shall live on forever. Rest in Peace Mark Reale.

Official Riot Website:
Mark Reale’s Wikipedia Entry HERE.
Learn more about Crohn’s Disease via this Wikipedia Entry HERE.

The Rockstar Mayhem Fest 2012 Lineup & Dates Are In!

Yep. The names have been named and for the most part the dates have been finalized and in our constant effort to keep our site readers in the loop about some of the more important happenings upon the concert scene we are making mention on our blog. Take a look at who’s playing at this one.

Since it’s easier to keep abreast of the dates for the tour I linked to their official website in the logo way up above and of course down below at the close of this post for good measure. So what do you all think about this lineup? We have Slipknot headlining the tour and Slayer as direct support with Anthrax, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel and High On Fire along for the run as well. I’m very interested in hearing what you all think about this day long affair.
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Verily, The 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise II Leaves Today…..

….but is NOT on board with the Metal maniacs who are going to be indulging themselves in this super cool event. Mind you I am not ranting about this at all and wanted to instead wish everyone who is headed for the Heavy Metal high seas a fantastic time. Okay so perhaps I am just a wee bit jealous of you if you are going but the logistics were not there for me to be in attendance and do it up properly by documenting the adventure for the readership. The fact that NYC is finally experiencing some bone cold temperatures and we just had some snow makes me sigh a little bit and wish for warmer climes. Oh well, this was just not meant to be as I have already said.

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Sticking It To S.O.P.A.

Just the other day, the leading Internet sites of the Planet Earth in this sector of the Galactic Metal Empire “blacked out” and “censored” themselves in protest of a recently proposed House Bill called the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or “S.O.P.A.” for short. I’m not kidding about this for when you opened up Wikipedia or Google (to name a couple of the giants who did something) you would see some kind of self-censoring that prevented you from proper use of these mediums. It was slightly unnerving and I would like to think that it did send some kind of message to the people who support it. Let’s continue a little bit on this by looking at the actual proposed Bill.

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PiercingMetal & Social-Networking: Pinterest

I first heard about Pinterest thanks to the postings over on the Blog World & New Media Expo Facebook page that I am a fan of. This mention intrigued me since they often point out things that are very helpful to resources like my own and columns such as this that try to explain the good and bad of such things. That being said, my next Social Networking examination would be “Pinterest”. It appears to be a combination of the word “pin” and “interest”. Clever.

Pinterest is labelled as an online pin board where you can keep reference to things that interest you the most. After I managed to get my account activated (you had to request an invite during the early stages like Google+ before being approved) I figured I would use the service to broadcast several friends websites as my test subjects and hence send more friends over to my friend SkeletonPete, the Beehive Hairdresser and even my own PiercingKen site but there didn’t appear to be a clear way to do this kind of thing. Instead I was able to add several of my existing Facebook friends and choose to “Follow Them” much like is done in Twitter. Once they find a pinner who they have interest in, I will see it, and the same applies for things that I enjoy being broadcast to them. Sadly this did not have any immediate value for the things I was doing on because there did not see to be an easily discoverable “music” category. There was Art, Photography, Cooking, and Tourism, so I followed a bunch of people for good measure. I did add the websites that I mentioned a little earlier but who knows if they will find any additional readers for me.

I understand that this is a new thing so perhaps it has some kinks to work out, but at the end of the day I just had far too many other things keeping my interest so I will not be playing around on Pinterest all that much. Maybe it is what you are looking for and if so, that is awesome.

Official Website: