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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: is a Social Networking community whose main premise is to suggest “meetups” for people and groups with common interests and the goal seems to be to get the bodies out supporting the shows, events or establishments that are featured.  I joined a Metal related one a couple of years ago and can tell you from experience with it that it can be effective.  The members of each group can be emailed about a particular function, and let’s use a Metal concert as the example.  So the main person behind the group is The Organizer and they often control the happenings and how they are broadcast across the Group.  So the organizer puts this event up as a listing on the calendar and then shares the information with the rest of us.  The folks who are interested can chime in and say that they are going and with how many guest are joining them.

Even though I created a profile for myself on, I don’t get to use it as much because there are not a lot of functions on it that I am all that interested in and at other times its stuff I am already doing.  I know that sounds weird, but its a 50/50 thing with me in terms of this particular social network.  I belong to two or three of the Groups but as I stressed my overall participation in them is minimal. Sometimes when I am going a ticket giveaway I will message the whole group but even those kinds of things direct them over to the official Facebook page since that who is doing the freebie. I do like its angle of generating support for events because that is always necessary. The idea of meeting people before shows led me to start a series of narratives on what I felt were great Concert Pre-Gaming spaces. Feel free to check out those continuing tales via THIS LINK.

Click the logo above to access and to see if this is something you want to examine a little deeper for yourself. To learn more about you can click their Wikipedia entry HERE. Interviews PiercingMetal’s Ken Pierce For “Media Star” Segment

Logo - WeRoqq

A little over a year and a half ago I had the pleasant opportunity to meet Shukmei Wong, one of the founders of WeRoqq PR.  The company is a New York based boutique publicity house and it was one of those coincidental nights where two random but like-minded paths just manage to cross.  The scene was at the Lit Lounge where I was able to party hearty with the mighty Amon Amarth who were in town to let the media listen to their newest album “Twilight Of The Thunder God” while WR’s Shukmei was checking out her friend’s band downstairs where the bands perform. The usual business card exchanging thing took place and over time we became allies in the media realm and good friends to boot. That’s never a bad thing in this hectic and often very difficult business.

Recently Shukmei contacted me about offering up my views on a few questions in their brand spanking new “Media Star” section. Shuky’s view of the section is to have the various players in the realm offer up insight that will be hopefully be viewed as both interesting and helpful to others who are braving this kind of passion. This was really an honor that I could not refuse and we really enjoyed helping Shuky to launch her new blog section. Check out the mini-interview and some of the other activity that is up to by clicking the link below. – Link No Longer Works (see below)
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PiercingMetal Talks To Blackguard’s Paul Ablaze (3/2010)

Logo - Blackguard

Artist: Paul Ablaze, lead singer for Blackguard
Label: Sumerian Records
Interview Date: 3/1/2010
Genre: Pagan Metal

I learned about Blackguard first from a noted scribe in Metal’s realm and then from Alissa White-Gluz, the singer for The Agonist and with such powerful believers in their camp I felt compelled to look into them. At the time the band was known as Profugis Mortis and they had never been over to this region, and since I had no direct contact with them outside of the Internet, I was left to enjoying their MySpace songs while maintaining a hope that they would one day embark on a US tour of some kind. Since this time the band had signed a US deal to Sumerian Records and a European one with Nuclear Blast Records and most important of all – had changed their name to the much more imposing “Blackguard”. The name change seemed to open new doors for them as we found the band appearing on the second go round of Pagan Fest and then on tour with bands like Ensiferum and Epica. was able to sit down with the bands singer Paul Ablaze for a quick chat and here are the results of our discussion.

PiercingMetal: Let’s start with a very simple one. What made you decide to change the bands name from “Profugis Mortis” to “Blackguard” and how long has the band been together for those just coming into learning about you at this point in time.

Ablaze: We’ll the band has been together since about 2001. It started with Terry and juice and since then the band has developed into the line-up you see today. There’s only been one line up change since our first record “so it begins” and that was the replacement of our former Violinist for our current lead guitarist Kim.
As for the name change, it initially started before the first record. We tried changing it then but we couldn’t agree on a name. Then when we started talking with Nuclear Blast Records they were telling us that there were a lot of bands around Europe with very similar names, so they asked us if we’d be willing to change, so we gave it another go and decided on BLACKGUARD.
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PiercingMetal Goes On A Viking Quest – Sort Of

The brutal cold was finally upon us in my city of New York, and while this is often the kind of climate that finds one remaining in the warmth of one’s home, the need for some bracing air and wandering were upon me in a much stronger sense. With this being the case I set forth to traveling the village streets of Bay Ridge with my comrade in arms The Beehive Hairdresser. This neighborhood is a place that I’ve lived in for most of my life and the region is very interesting for the most part with it’s numerous parks and some cool history. The region was primarily the home to a lot of Norwegian folks for many years and while it has become a little more diverse since those decades past their influence and culture still resonate in the neighborhood. This influence led me on what I coined my “Quest for Vikings” today and how could you blame me when we found this gigantic rune monument erected in the honor of the famous Norse explorer Leif Ericson.

leif ericson park
Rune Monument to Leiv Eiriksson in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Google Buzz

“What’s Buzz, Tell Me What’s a Happening, What’s The Buzz” – Sorry, that is actually a line from the “Jesus Christ Superstar” original cast soundtrack and the line just came to mind when I realized I was adding some thoughts about Google Buzz to this serialized overview of the Social Networking mediums and how we apply them to the PiercingMetal adventures.  So what is it exactly?  Well, its defined as a Social Networking and Communication medium and similar to how Twitter works, you “Follow” those who you have some interest in.  The difference is that you seem to be able to reply to their “Buzzes” a little differently that you would a Tweet.  You can also continue someone’s buzz by sharing or emailing it.  This works within your account which I think at this point almost everyone in the world has.  Some people love it, and some do not.  For me it has worked out and I have used it since it launched in February 2010.  Right now it is connected to my personal account and I have set it up to share my Twitter postings and blogs.

I also added Google Buzz to my “PiercingMetalNYC” Gmail account for good measure as that email is a little less private, so anyone who has an interest in Following me may easily do so from there. Bear in mind that it is also connected to my Twitter account which will take those posts and show them in the Buzz feed. I do NOT generally type in new thoughts to the Buzz but love that it extends the Tweets to those users who might not have a Twitter account and instead only check their resources.   For what I intended to use it for it has done the trick.  Perhaps it will work for you as well.  You can also read more about Google Buzz by clicking its Wikipedia entry HERE.

IMPORTANT NEWS (12/1/2011): I’ve been receiving the notification that Google Buzz was going away within the coming weeks for the last few weeks so I am not sure when the exact D-Day is for their experiment. In my humble opinion they should have worked it better into their Google+ accounts and pages since those are growing rapidly each day. My view is that this could have worked much like Twitter does in terms of its communication with Facebook Profiles and Pages. I’ve connected mine to the Official Page and loved how it saved me a step. Anyway, since my Google Buzz repeated my Tweets to those who followed my posts I will miss it, but I do encourage site supporters to “Follow” the Official PiercingMetal Google+ Page now to keep up with the happenings.

Goodbye Google Buzz. We hardly knew ye.