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PiercingMetal & Social Networking:

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is WoozyFly.

Woozyfly: We had an account on WoozyFly but we never did anything with it, and then after not checking it out for some months we chose to see how we could make it work out for site proliferation. Sadly we found the domain gone from the Internet and inquires led to discovering that it no longer existed. Eventually it came back up as a lead to something totally different and our account was gone. I guess not all things take off like MySpace and Facebook after all. I had to say that this was one of the more interesting of the new Social Networking things since it was so focused on music and video delivery. Every subscriber had the chance to be either a fan, or a band or some kind of online DJ. You were able to host your own show and bring your own musical interests to the masses. One of our long time friends even had one and he called it “Buckshot’s Bonanza”. The host was Steve Seabury aka “Buckshot” who was the bass player for the band Dirty Rig as well at the time. He took a lot of video and I am hoping that this stuff is somewhere on since the whole shebang is gone and the material lost to the servers of the Internet.

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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: is without question the former Big Kahuna of the Social Networking sites and at last check had over 150 million accounts signed up for it. When I first heard about the service I created a personal profile for the chance to network what I am up to in real life as well as reacquaint myself with long lost friends from the past (barring one or two minor exceptions).  This would essentially replace my use of Friendster and slowly start to dominate the time I was spending on  Since I noticed some music related profiles existing on the at the time exciting service, I created a profile page for and this profile became the one that I primarily used when I would log in.  In the beginning we were interested in adding everyone and anyone if the belief that it would expand the reach of PiercingMetal existed but over time we realized that most bands were just posting show announcements for areas we weren’t near and limited the adds to individual accounts or bands that had written to our headquarters in search of coverage.   When it came to the addition of bands we just had one criteria, and that was to please at least contact us like a professional medium that you wanted to work with.  Too many bands were starting to add everyone they could to post tour announcements or gigs they were doing that were not accessible by most of the people in their friends list.

I stood by that rule because it was becoming rude to just get blasts of emails that expected you to investigate on your own and learn about who was contacting you.  When one is trying to work through a pile of CD’s from label representatives and publicists, your free time to be a researcher is not always a large window.  In terms of its popularity, it has waned quite a bit from its original heyday but there are those who use it still and get what they want from it.  Many of the sites truest believers have our profile on the top of their friends list, and are always telling their own friends to come check us out which is never a bad thing.  I used all the aspects available when I saw that we could use them and while we had both a Group for the site along with a Blog, each of them were used to direct people right over to the main site where there was more action to enjoy.  Bands of the world started to jump on with levels of zeal and would use this medium instead of paying for their own secure domain site. That made sense in some fashion since they were able to load in their own music and tour dates for free instead of paying for it. The down side was that for every great band there were hundreds of crappy ones and as more and more accounts got created, just try and find something with any ease. At the time of this writing, the rising star for Social Networking was quickly becoming Facebook.  The roller coaster of this new realm continues it would seem.

There were sweeping changes to the resource from top to bottom and many will tell you that simple maintenance became an impossible task and it was so annoying that many decided to drop their page and delete the account entirely but not before telling their fans, friends and family that they were exclusively using Facebook for future promotion.  As far as is concerned I have left my account alone because the status now allows me to broadcast what is being posted on my sites official Twitter account.  Since the Twitter often refers to our Facebook page or Blog, I feel why delete something that reaches a few more people every day. At this point its just there and we politely ask those interested in PiercingMetal to come find us on either the Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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UPDATE 12/3/2017: Despite leaving it in place for years after this narrative went live, today the two long standing accounts on the medium have been deleted in full. Goodbye MySpace, we used to really like it over there.

Reflecting On My “Metal Edge” Magazine Tenure (2006-2007)

Hey there Metal Legions and any of you who have somehow just happened by while surfing the web and decided to read some of our musings. This narrative is a bit of a reflection about my tenure as a freelance writer for the mighty Metal Edge magazine. It was about a month ago that I shared the sad news about the publications folding up and ceasing operations. If you missed that post, please click on THIS LINK to review it when time allows.

This part of my writing world comes with a little bit of a backstory about how it came to pass and very simply I made this connection thanks to some positive cross-networking that I did at an area show. When the Editor at the time found me to be someone with a keen observational view on the existing Metal scene of the day, we sat down and discussed what they needed and how I could help them out if I was interested in doing so. Like many magazines, you had your feature articles and interviews and then ever so informative reviews section. In Metal Edge, it was broken up into two areas by product type and had their DVD reviews in one part of the magazine and the CD reviews a few pages later. I don’t think that the DVD section had any official title but that didn’t matter in the overall scheme of things. What mattered was that they needed four DVD pieces each month and for a few months I would have the run of the column unless another writer submitted a pitch that was something that Editorial wanted to feature. This would be my first time in “official print” even though I had been a web-based journalist for about three years at the time. The benefits were not only having a couple of magazines to give out to close friends or family but that it was a paid gig. The DVD reviews generally needed to be at least “400” words and that came at a certain price. I had to admit that it looked rather nice when I held the finished issue in my hands.
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PiercingMetal & Social Networking:

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is was my new Friendster when it came down to it, and I really enjoyed the network.  I added several dozen friends and interacted with some cool new ones.  The network offered a very “artistic” grouping of people and had far less commercialization than the already in place page that I kept for myself.  I had not yet dove into creating a page for on that service but would create a community for on this one.  It seemed to be easy to navigate but time began to escape me for additional toys to play with while starting to push forward on my own website domain so my account went un-managed and the community for unmaintained.  Oh well.  That was going to happen a lot more than I would imagine given the nature of how fast and furious all of these things were popping up. After having the special group aspect for the site in this medium, I had to admit that I liked being able to offer possible readers a means to find us. still exists but it is in no way as powerful or as popular as sites like Facebook, and perhaps even in some sense.  Those who loved it, continue to do so and those who have moved on, I do not think returned after cancelling their account. Like which I discussed in a different chapter, the folks at began to offer a paid membership in addition to the free one that you can access upon signup.

Official Wikipedia Entry:

UPDATE 5/6/2011: After a longtime period of this profile not being used I have deleted my account in full.

RIP: Metal Edge & Metal Maniacs Magazine (2/3/2009)


They say that all good things must come to an end and I guess that the statement is true because it was just about ten days ago when an email had been sent out by our good friend Liz Ciaravella about the discontinuation of both Metal Edge and Metal Maniacs magazines by their publishers over at Zenbu Media. Having been out all that day I missed the actual message and found out this news while attending a rousing performance by The Answer over at Mercury Lounge later that evening. “Did you hear about Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge???” everyone said; and for those who had not yet heard the news their expression was one of shock and dismay. After digesting this news from the other members of the media I frequently see and break bread with I decided to compose some thoughts about the whole thing but instead of jumping into the fray like some of my fellow websites and blog enterprises I opted to wait and see what came in the immediate days following.

Fast forward to now, and yes it is clearly the truth and quite literally the book was being closed in terms of the apparent future of these two esteemed Heavy Metal magazines that for so many years were cited as being leaders of the pack. While this news does suck for many it does make a lot of sense when one analyzes the way things are moving forward in terms of available technology and how different the consumer acts as opposed to the way they functioned during each of these magazines earlier years. The times are far different today than the way my peers and I satisfied our Metal needs in terms of magazines that is.
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