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Scion A/V sez Shut Off The Light & Enjoy “Pitch Black” by Meshuggah

I’ve been trying to keep on top of when Scion A/V dishes out some free downloadable Metal for the masses and so far I’ve directed readers to these offerings with about a handful of postings right here on the PiercingMetal Blog. It’s been great to find them calling our attention to free music by Immolation, Enslaved, The Melvins, Arsis and Wormrot. Let’s face it, the economy sucks and prices are still going up so why not indulge in something free whenever it is possible. That being said the next free EP from Scion A/V gives the mighty Meshuggah a go round by giving fans two unreleased tracks by the band. Okay so perhaps two tracks seems kind of a bummer, but its still free and its still Meshuggah and most of that bands fans will take anything that they can get from them. The first track is a studio cut called, of all things, “Pitch Black” (hence the name of the EP) and its pretty solid and representative of what we expect from the group. The second cut is “Dancers To A Discordant System” which is recorded live. This track originally hails from the bands 2008 release “Obzen”. Clicking the album cover below will take you over to Scion A/V where you can download these tunes legally. How cool is that.

CD - Meshuggah - Pitch Black
Click The Cover To Download “Pitch Black”

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Good Luck To Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe…

Earlier today, Lamb Of Gods singer Randy Blythe returned to the Czech Republic to stand trial for manslaughter charges which are based on the death of one of their fans (Daniel Nosek) who passed away after injuries suffered during a Prague concert by the band just over two years ago.


So much has already been discussed about the event and sad inevitability of it all so I’ll just share a photo of Randy doing one of the things he does best (the other is photography) and wish him the very best of luck during this truly hellish experience. According to some news posts I have read since the singers arrival in the Czech Republic, the trial is already underway and they are expecting a verdict as early as Friday. This seems kind of quick, but then again I am comparing our own justice system to that of a foreign land. As a fan of Lamb Of God I hope for a positive outcome for the singer but still feel much sadness for the family who lost their son. I feel Randy is an innocent man, and that fans should not be on the stage in any sense but they get up there anyway and sometimes get hurt. This is one of the outcomes. It sucks no matter how you look at it. Good luck Randy. The Metal World is behind you at this time.

Official Website:

Win Tix For Turisas/Firewind In NYC (2/6/2013)

Poster - Turisas
Click To Purchase Tickets

The Scoop: The mighty Turisas is back in NYC to deliver a dose of Finnish Battle Metal like never before and they are doing so with the help of Gus G. and his band Firewind and the lead off group of experimental musical maniacs in Stolen Babies. Whew is all I can say when I think of this package too much and I am as always excited to welcome such talent back to our region. I’ve seen all three of these bands on a number of occasions so I know full well that the fans will not be disappointed. It’s also exciting to inform the readers that thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, will be putting a couple of its readers into the show. Check out how to enter our contest below.
When and Where: Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm @ The Gramercy Theatre ( 127 East 23rd Street, NYC)
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Win Tix For Uli Jon Roth In NYC (2/6/2013)

Poster - Uli Jon Roth at Stage 48 - 2013

The Scoop: Uli Jon Roth is one of the best guitarists alive. That is pretty much all I have to say about that. He first came to people’s attention by being a member of the Scorpions from 1973 to 1978 and during his tenure released four albums with them. He was one of the first to offer up the Neo-Classical style of guitar wizardry and he created the Sky Guitar which is an instrument unlike any I have seen or heard before and his overall style has influenced more guitar players than I can easily name. I’m always excited when Uli comes to NYC to play for us and even more so this time because he is doing so at a brand new NYC venue. That being said, I am pleased to announce that thanks to the management team at Stage 48, several of the readers will be attending the concert for free.
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PiercingMetal’s Inside Look At NYC’s New Stage 48 Venue…

Attenion all concert fans of New York City for there is a new venue in town and it’s name is Stage 48. The club is located down on 48th Street just off 11th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen and just the other day, PiercingMetal had the honor of walking through the club with their Marketing Director in order to bring you some inside details about it.

Welcome To Stage 48

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