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John Patrick McDonald Jr. aka Midnight (formerly of Crimson Glory) Has Died (1962-2009)

On July 8th 2009 the Metal Legions learned about the passing of Midnight aka John Patrick McDonald Jr. from liver and kidney failure – the singer was 47 years old.  From 1986 through 1991, Midnight was the lead singer for the Progressive Metal powerhouse Crimson Glory and while a member of the band he was always a dramatic and enigmatic presence on top of an incredibly powerful vocalist.  During the bands early years, he and his band mates wore unique silver face masks that made them look like some kind of mystical Phantom Of The Opera kind of group.  Together with Crimson Glory, Midnight recorded the self-titled debut Crimson Glory, Transcendence, and Strange & Beautiful, the latter release finding the band unmasked and delivering a very different kind of Metal than they first came out gunning with.  The album would be the last one featuring Midnight on vocals and he would be replaced by Wade Black who did their Astronomica CD and got the band back into the business of Progressive Metal.   Midnight would appear with his former band at a Festival in 2004 for a brief acoustic set, and while plans for a larger scale reunion were planned – outside of one show in Greece in 2006 this would not take and he would again be gone from the lineup in 2007 never to return.  This was a shame since many fans were looking forward to this potentially happening.
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RIP: Metal Edge & Metal Maniacs Magazine (2/3/2009)


They say that all good things must come to an end and I guess that the statement is true because it was just about ten days ago when an email had been sent out by our good friend Liz Ciaravella about the discontinuation of both Metal Edge and Metal Maniacs magazines by their publishers over at Zenbu Media. Having been out all that day I missed the actual message and found out this news while attending a rousing performance by The Answer over at Mercury Lounge later that evening. “Did you hear about Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge???” everyone said; and for those who had not yet heard the news their expression was one of shock and dismay. After digesting this news from the other members of the media I frequently see and break bread with I decided to compose some thoughts about the whole thing but instead of jumping into the fray like some of my fellow websites and blog enterprises I opted to wait and see what came in the immediate days following.

Fast forward to now, and yes it is clearly the truth and quite literally the book was being closed in terms of the apparent future of these two esteemed Heavy Metal magazines that for so many years were cited as being leaders of the pack. While this news does suck for many it does make a lot of sense when one analyzes the way things are moving forward in terms of available technology and how different the consumer acts as opposed to the way they functioned during each of these magazines earlier years. The times are far different today than the way my peers and I satisfied our Metal needs in terms of magazines that is.
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R.I.P. Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot Dead at 52 (11/26/2007)

Photo - Kevin DuBrow

On Monday, November 26th the sad announcement hit the Metal news wires like a rapidly firing machine gun that legendary Heavy Metal singer Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot had been found dead in his home. The initial report was that he had passed away the previous day and the full details were not disclosed but it was only days after the public announcement that we found out that it was determined that Kevin had been dead for at least six days before he was found. The singer was always surrounded by controversy/news/wild stories and with his passing the online mediums were bombarded with music personality recollections about their own experiences with him. As you might expect some of these tales were very interesting and I have yet to read a bad one. I was a fan of Quiet Riot since the beginning, well, I mean since the album Metal Health came out and did its whole blockbuster thing for Hard Rock and Metal music on the nation’s airwaves. I even played a lot of their music in the bands I had in my youth and I even find myself listening to those old records every so often. Based on this I decided to offer up my own recollections as they relate to the band and the singer.
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R.I.P.: Decapitated’s Witold “Vitek” Kieltyka (11/2/2007)

Now this was terrible to read.

Just the other day the Polish Technical Death Metal masters Decapitated were traveling to a show in Belarus when their tour bus collided with a truck that was hauling wood. The impact from the accident caused terrible injuries to both their drummer Vitek and singer Covan and while initially there was hope for some kind of recovery from this in due time, Vitek would pass away from the injuries four days later while Covan would remain in the hospital after slipping into a coma. Vitek was only 23 years old when this happened. That frigging sucks.

Before this terrible circumstance I had only been fortunate enough to see Decapitated once in concert. Yes I had done some reviews of their releases on the website but its something else to see a musician like this in action right in front of you. I had to say that Vitek was a powerhouse and a technical monster on the drums. His loss at this very early age not only cheats the fans of his promising future accomplishments but also impacts the development of such technique quite a bit as well. I’ve posted this news in the blog under the category of “When The Music Died” so fans can speak their minds about such losses and maybe find some level of comfort by my doing so. Vitek is survived by his mom and dad and his brother “Vogg” who is also a member of Decapitated. One can only imagine that the band will cease to exist based on this occurrence and it honestly makes sense if this is what Vogg chooses to do going forward.

We wish his family, friends and legions of worldwide supporters the deepest of condolences. Rest in Peace Vitek.

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