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Win Tix For Doro Pesch In NYC (2/4/2013)

Poster - Doro - 2013

The Scoop: The Metal Republic of NYC has not had their reigning Queen Doro Pesch visit for a concert since about 2011 if my figures are correct so that makes it wonderful news that she will be returning to us all and bringing Sister Sin along for the ride. I’ve enjoyed the music of Doro since she was in Warlock, and have continually been impressed by her genuine positivity towards her loyal fans as she delivers the goods on the stage like few others even dare attempt. When you go to a Doro show, you are entertained. Let’s add to that the coolness of Sister Sin, who I have seen a couple of times now and enjoyed very much. Fronted by the beautiful Liv Jagrell, this is a band that knows how to dish it out. In my Metal opinion, this is a great pairing of talent. That being said, I am super excited to announce that thanks to the folks at the B.B. King’s management side, is going to send some of you to the show for free. Read on.
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Win Tix For Rubix Kube In NYC (2/1/2013)

Poster - Rubix Kube - 0213

The Details: The 80’s were a magical, mystifying and somewhat maddening musical time and while I was forged in the fires of Metal for most of my life, I have a super appreciation for so many songs from this amazing era. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I loved speeding on “The Metro” with Berlin, and playing “Mental Hopscotch” with Missing Persons, Billy Idol, The Fixx, The Vapors and many more. Great stuff. Now one of the best bands that are bringing these sounds into the now are the guys and gals of Rubix Kube who will be performing for the very first time at the Gramercy Theatre and this is sure to be a blast. Thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, PiercingMetal is going to put some fans into this sure to be rocking show so get your wild colors on and don’t forget to wear your sunglasses at night as this show brings all these great classics to life once more.
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Win Tix To See For Today In NYC On 1/31/2013

Poster - For Today - 2013
The Scoop: For Today will headline the “Fight The Silence” Tour that is being presented by Outburn Magazine. They’ll be joined by Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, Upon A Burning Body and Gideon so you know this is going to be a rousing time. This early starting show is being presented by Livenation and thanks to their powers that be, some of The Metal Republic will be attending on the house. I am personally excited because this is our very first contest for the Metal Music Year 2013 and my spreadsheet is ready to calculate what we do to see if we can surpass the coolness of last year.

When & Where: Thursday, January 31st, 6pm @ Irving Plaza (17 Irving Place, NYC)
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Want To See The Cro-Mags & Sheer Terror in NYC on 12/30/2012?

cro-mags concert poster,

The Cro-Mags are legends of the NYHC scene and are considered one of the first groups to showcase elements of Thrash Metal into their Hardcore Punk sound. Back in 1986 when they first released “The Age Of Quarrel”, the NYHC scene was as much a lifestyle as it was a musical movement. This show will surely bring their sound to new and legacy fans and also deliver tunes fromSheer Terror, Brain Slug, Rude Awakening and Born Annoying. Lace up those boots my friends, it is going to be a swirling pit in the venue for this one and thanks to the fine folks at Highline Ballroom some of the PiercingMetal Fans are going to get to see the show for free.
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Want To See The Misfits in NYC on 12/16/2012?

“Happy Halloween New York City!!!!” Oh wait……that was months ago so why am I wishing it to you all with December well underway. Let me explain. Recently that nasty storm Sandy really did a number on the city and in its wake many shows were cancelled while others rescheduled to later dates and this finds the mighty Misfits doing their annual Halloween show just in time for the Christmas Slay-son…. The band will be joined by Attack, Japanther and Heart Of The Matter to make it all the more interesting. I wonder how many fans will be showing up for this Horrorday Celebration in costume. Perhaps this will see the beginning of a “Merry Mayhem Misfits Christmas” theme of shows like we find Twisted Sister doing these last few years. All I know is that I am excited to be attending as press and thanks to the fine folks at the Highline Ballroom some of the PiercingMetal fans will be joining in for the fun.

the misfits nyc concert poster, the misfits, jerry only,
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