“Captain Morgans Revenge” by Alestorm

Artist: Alestorm
Title: “Captain Morgans Revenge”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 1/29/2008
Genre: Scottish Pirate Metal
Rating: 4/5

“Avast Ye Landlubbers” as its time for us all to set forth for adventure and intrigue on the high seas with a brutal band of pirates who make up the Scottish Pirate Metal group Alestorm. When this one arrived I admit that I was very curious based on its genre specification as to my knowledge there are not too many bands doing this kind of music, especially in the Metal sense. The sails on the ship unfurl and set our journeys course with “Over The Seas” and this is a hearty call to arms and a very good introduction to the bands overall premise. This energetic tune sings of their meeting with a hook handed man who sets them all off in the quest for gold. The band explains their lot in life a little more detail with “Captain Morgan’s Curse” and its chorus is one of those that will have you singing along with them as you raise an overflowing pint of rum to the sky. The great thing about this one is also its rich and flourishing beginning for you can almost feel the power of the ship sailing proudly over the waves. Alestorm can truly generate a mood and are very talented musicians to boot. “Huntmaster” is more of a traditional double-bass drum led Metal track but the line before its chorus is absolutely killer as it sings “with the power of ale, he could not fail, sail into battle, glory and Metal”. Christopher Bowes (vocals/keyboards) really has his hands full in the band and is high on the dramatic as he paints vivid tales of plunder and adventure on the high seas that all appear to be fueled by pints and pints of ale. They slow it down for a moment with “Nancy The Tavern Wench” which is another story about the best place to drink and perhaps even find your future crewmates. The other members of the Alestorm crew are Gavin Harper (guitars), Dani Evans (bass), and Ian Wilson (drums) and the group can really play when it comes down to it. They get technical every so often which brings hints of Progressive Metal into play, but they never lose the Pirate spirit that is deeply rooted in all of their songs. As noted earlier, much of the albums content is about battles, drinking, and adventure and with this in mind I have to say that the entire album is loaded with energy. I think a lot of Metal fans who listen to both Viking and Folk Metal would enjoy this based on its unique difference and quirky similarity to music they already know.

There are a couple of truly heavy numbers on the release that thunder out of your speakers like cannon fire and if you don’t believe me just raise the volume a little bit higher when “Terror ON The High Seas” and “Set Sail And Conquer” come on. I am sure you would agree with me then. The Folkiest number was found on “Of Treasure” as it uses flutes and other acoustic instruments that bring to mind the main pirate spinning a yarn to the rest of his men. Chris calls upon the other crewmates to sing along with this one and once finished its back to the business of wenches and mead on a song that is called “Wenches And Mead”. The track cooks like a raging fire and offers sections that just scream for a circle pit to begin. Of course I don’t recommend you doing this if you have the same hook for a hand as the often reference Captain Morgan, you’re bound to hurt someone if you do. The Pirates of Alestorm close the album with class by offering up their rendition of “Flower Of Scotland”, the unofficial national anthem of Scotland. The song is often associated with the rugby team so it serves well in the hands of a Metal band as well. “Shiver Me Timbers” was all I could say when the album completed as this was a really fun and interesting album to listen to. I felt a lot of potential in their unique approach and think that the larger Metal community would have fun supporting this so get your best bandanas and eye patches ready and set sail with Alestorm (parrot not included).

Track Listing:
1. Over The Seas
2. Captain Morgan’s Revenge
3. The Huntmaster
4. Nancy The Tavern Wench
5. Death Before The Mast
6. Terror On The High Seas
7. Set Sail And Conquer
8. Of Treasure
9. Wenches And Mead
10. Flower Of Scotland

Official Website: www.alestorm.net

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