“Cannibal” by Static X

Artist: Static X
Title: “Cannibal”
Label: Reprise Records
Release Date: 4/3/2007
Genre: Industrial Metal
Rating: 4/5

It’d definitely true that there are not many bands that sound like Static X nor are there many who are able to infuse the levels of Techno and Industrial vibe into Heavy Metal music as easily as they seem to do. It’s been over thirteen years since the band formed and they have been continually impressing and surprising their fan base with what they can do and now with their fifth recording “Cannibal” – they show that they stand poised once again to repeat the process despite the ever-changing climate of the music buying public. They are still led by Wayne Static as you would expect but this time around the recording finds the band with their fifth different lineup in terms of the recording of the new music. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as these changes mark the return of their original guitar player Koichi Fukuda who I am certain will be a welcome face in the eyes of the bands fan base. Drumming is done by Nick Oshiro and the bass assault by Tony Campos who together complete the four-piece Industrial Metal Masters. As I spun the CD, I was pleased to find that despite these lineup shifts the listener will still find the aggressive and powerful sound that makes Static-X such a special band to the world of music and truly second to none against those who aim to also use this style. They begin the attack right away with the title track “Cannibal” – and it’s a song that is a not so subtle hint at the overall assault that is looming on the other tracks.

I found this to be a heavier release than I every remember them delivering and they use their unique elements to success and make songs like “Chemical Logic” a form of “Techno-Thrash” when you choose to examine it. “Logic” was really amounting to my favorite song on the CD as I felt the circle pit during this one from the second that it began. When the CD gets to “Forty Ways” they use the feel of Disco meets Rave music and give a number that you just know is going to have the audience on the feet jumping as they perform it. Static himself seems to be in top form once again as he screams in rage repeatedly and delivers his point with determination and intent. The listeners will find a very “live” sounding record instead of an over-processed piece and the reasoning was for it to maintain the level of an “in your face” album as opposed to sounding too bland and over-produced. They succeeded here as you feel the need to make this a louder and louder listen on your stereo and I continually felt my head bopping and foot tapping in time with the songs as I played it the first time around.

“Cannical” is an album that welcomes new friends while at the same time embraces the old ones. There is a lot more of the original Static-X vibe here and less attempts at experimentation; Static himself feels that this is probably the most Metal they had ever sounded when it came down to it. So it you like Metal coupled with a solid groove then this is for you, there will be “No Submission” this time. While they were never truly away – Static-X has returned. Make some room on the floor for the slamming.

Track Listing:
1. Cannibal
2. No Submission
3. Behemoth
4. Chemical Logic
5. Destroyer
6. Forty Ways
7. Chroma-matic
8. Cuts You Up
9. Reptile
10. Electric Pulse
11. Goat
12. Team Hate
13. Not Enough?

Official Website: www.static-x.com

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