Candiria Announces “Five Boroughs World Tour” During New Album Release Week

Metal fans in Brooklyn will have a reason to expand their hometown pride with this announcement and honestly, all Metal fans worldwide that followed the creative workings of the band Candiria have a reason to celebrate as there is new material forthcoming and a specialized local “tour”. Check out the press release below.


The Press Release:
Brooklyn’s musical alchemists Candiria, long-known for fusing metal, hardcore, jazz, and hip-hop in a unique, inimitable blend, will release their new album While They Were Sleeping via Metal Blade on October 7. It was recorded at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn by Tom Tierney and Alex Mead-Fox, and produced by Candiria. It’s the band’s first album since 2009’s Kiss the Lie.

While They Were Sleeping is a concept album conceived by the band’s lead vocalist Carley Coma. It tells the tale of a failed musician who rises up against a monarchy in New York City.

The album is now available for preorder, with the first track “Mereya” available as an instant grat track.

Also, While They Were Sleeping will be available in CD and limited edition colored vinyl. The vinyl will be available in two marble color options, with only 250 copies printed in the U.S. for each option. Option #1, “The Wounded Heart,” will be available along with the album preorder. Option #2, “The Veil,” will be available at select retail outlets. Limited supplies of both options will also be available at select upcoming Candiria shows.

To celebrate the release of the much-anticipated album, Candiria will embark on the NYC Five-Borough “World Tour,” playing shows in intimate venues in each of the city’s five boroughs during the week of release. Limited edition posters will be made for all of NYC Five-Borough “World Tour” shows. Each poster will be available only at the corresponding show. Tickets to the 5 Borough shows can be purchased here.

A full U.S. tour will follow, with dates to be revealed soon.

Since their inception, Candiria have been lauded for their ability to mesh decidedly different styles in a seamless way. They were named one of the 10 Most Important Bands in Metal by Rolling Stone back in 1999 and the band has consistently released music that challenges listeners, thrills critics, and most importantly, that has attracted a legion of dedicated, diehard fans.

Candiria NYC Five-Borough Record “World Tour” Dates:
10/7 – Manhattan, NY @ Arlene’s Grocery (Support: Cavallo)
10/8 – Queens, NY @ Blackthorne 51 (Support: Car Bomb, The Last Stand)
10/9 – Staten Island, NY @ Mother Pugs Saloon (Support: Tombs, Meek Is Murder)
10/11 – Bronx, NY @ Alfie’s Place (Support: Billy Club Sandwich, Circuit of Suns)
10/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Black Bear (Support: Dalek, Husbandry)
10/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds (Support: Dalek, Husbandry)

Important: Since the time of this posting, the Brooklyn venue Black Bear Bar has closed down. Tickets will be needed for the new venue Gold Sounds.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I generally enjoyed what I heard from the band Candiria I cannot affirm myself as being one of their diehard acolytes but that is okay as its not taking away from my appreciating what they do and their return to the masses. The new album sounds interesting to me so I will hope to review soon enough and how cool does this short NYC run sound. We recently saw Killswitch Engage do something similar and it really worked out for them and their fans so I expect the longtime followers of Candiria will have quite the treat on their hands. The press release pays mind to the opening acts as well which you do not often see and their reps are to be commended for this. Obviously Candiria has some love for these bands and wanted you to be exposed to them as well so do the right thing by arriving early and absorbing something new. You can also let me know what you think of this new tour and album announcement in the comments section below.

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