“By The Sword Of My Father” by Folkearth

Artist: Folkearth
Title: “By The Sword Of My Father”
Label: Stygian Crypt Productions
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Folk/Viking Metal
Rating: 4/5

The majesty and grandeur of Folk and Viking Metal has never been as vividly portrayed by any other group when compared to that of the Metal ensemble group Folkearth. The reason for such a bold statement is based on the groups staggering thirty one members from no less than eight different countries around the world and due to the fact that some of the best players in both genres are among its membership roster. The resulting recording is as massive as its membership would offer insight to and just as enjoyable when it comes down to it. “By The Sword Of My Father” is the second release by the group and has great inclusions such as “The Death Of Beowulf” and “Domain Of The Darksome Ravens”. If you were a fan of this kind of stuff before or only heard of it via Finntroll, Korpiklaani and Skyclad then this is right up the alley of your interest. The title track itself is heavy and brooding at times but the simply named “Instrumental” makes you feel as though you ride on open fields into glorious battle or adventure and while I love spirited vocal numbers an instrumental like this wins me over easily. Some of the album makes you wonder how it would be possible to deliver this in the live sense and perhaps if done as some sort of Broadway style production in a sizable theatre it could very well work. Tribute is offered up to the Viking Gods on the song bearing the same name and it comes off as a strong drinking and “HAILS” track.

The mighty Falkenbach is also offered some respect with their rendition of “Heathenpride”, one of the albums most memorable moments. Many of the tunes are rousing almost call to arms type songs like “Skaldic Art” and others are more passionate like “Return To Walehalle”; a song rich with the Beauty and the Beast style. The Atmospheric side is touched up with the track “Elves” and features choruses of beautiful female voices. I have to say I played this one several times more out of enjoyment than trying to gain a lock on it and while this seems to be only available as an import right now it is something that a true fan of the genres would love and should seek out. Projects like this are a testament to the level of quality musicianship of the members and it shows how good planning and organized focus on a goal can deliver an outstanding piece of music that will be a constant listen.

The Players: Hugin, Athelstan, Wulfstan, Magnus Wohlfart, Jeremy Child, Daniel Fredriksson, Simon Frodeberg, Kristofer Janiec, Michelle Maas, Niklas Olausson, Daniel Pettersson, Ruslanas, Tobias Andrelang, Achim Erberle, Ralf Gruber, Bernd Intveen, Sabine Stelzer, Marcus Van Langen, Andre Grosschop, Marios Koutsoukos, Stefanos Koutsoukos, Nikos Nezeiritis, Hildr Valkyrie, Mark Riddick, Axel, Becky, Alessandro Caruso, Francesca Crottin, Igor Saviola, Raven, Ulven – while we did not list each players individual instrumental talent the listener will find today’s implements of music as well as the more traditional celtic harp, tin whistle, bagpipes, medieval lutes, recorders, violins, fiddles and assorted percussion all across the release.

Track Listing:
1. Introduction
2. The Lady’s Gift
3. By The Sword Of My Father
4. Naglear Sets Sail
5. The Death Of Beowulf
6. Instrumental
7. Skaldic Art
8. Domain Of The Darksome Ravens
9. Return To Walehalle
10. Heathenpride
11. Elves
12. Invictus
13. Wisdom Of Wolves
14. Sailing A Viking
15. Tribute To The Viking Gods
16. Journey Ends

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/Folkearthofficial

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