“Burn Season” by Burn Season

Artist: Burn Season
Title: “Burn Season”
Label: Bieler Bros. Records
Release Date: 10/11/2005
Genre: Nu-Metal/Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

It wasn’t too long after their initial dealings with the folding Elektra Records that the band Burn Season found their brand of Nu-Metal Heaviness on Bieler Bros. Records. They are a group that holds a little more similarity to that of early Linkin Park and perhaps some of the later Sevendust and to their defense are a lot better than the oft-lambasted “Nu-Metal” title merits. They have a strong and passionate style that blends solid guitar riffs and harmony vocals along with the pre-requisite screams often found in this genre of music. They are more interesting than many of the other bands that deliver this kind of stuff and they should be able to find a fan base with those that are following Stone Sour as well. Singer Damien Starkey has a good voice and he sure seems able to take it into many different directions on the album. There are times when he reminded me of Corey Taylor and at others Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) yet at the end of my listen he still held levels of originality.

Potential hits reside on tracks like “Mistakes” and the acoustic laden ballad “Perfect” which are totally geared to the likes of radio either terrestrial or satellite. The bands gets heavier of songs like “Falling” which really reminded me of Sevendust while “Save Me” was as close to Linkin Park as they could legally get without infringing on the bands franchise. While some might be deterred by comparisons it shows to me that the band is inspired by some of the masters of this genre of Metal and that’s always a good thing. Better they sound like these groups than the drech Fred Durst did with Limp Bizkit. The group hails from Jacksonville, Fl and is comprised of Damien Starkey (vocals), Kevin Renwick (guitar), Adam Silk (bass), and Bobby Amaru (drums). There is enough decent material on the album for you to dig a little deeper and especially if you enjoy Hard Rock that has a solid dose of today’s “edge” mixed in for good measure then this is a group for you.

Track Listing:
1. Revolution
2. Carry On
3. Walk Away
4. Addicted
5. Mistakes
6. Perfect
7. Falling
8. Save Me
9. Sleepless
10. Ending
11. Wasted
12. Closer

Official Website: www.burnseason.com

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