Bring On The “March Metal Madness”

Outside of referencing the term for shows or events that I have gone to during the month of March, I’ve never really called all that much attention to “March Metal Madness”……and maybe that is due for a change. What I will do is call your attention to all of the free Metal music that was given some attention on both the core website and our blog which you are reading this post in, and hope that you will take advantage of them all and perhaps even share what you find with your friends.

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Based on the way that the site searches, I have collected all of the links that were for free sampler releases by using the tag of “free music downloads” and these are awesome since all you do is access them from the review. They would be on MP3 service but you can download them to the Cloud Player that the have or even for use in your iTunes/Google Play Music if you like. I wish there was more to present to you but its still more than 50 songs by my count and that is not a bad thing at all. Next year there will be more to enjoy and it will keep on growing based on new provisions.

Reviews Leading To Free Metal: HERE

Now while I realize that these also had come up in the global tag search up above, I wanted to give a little heavier focus to those amazing EP’s that you sometimes find me broadcasting about here that come from the fine folks at Scion A/V. According to research they have done a lot more of them than I have spoken about and you can access the ones we liked the most by clicking the link below. I will admit that I don’t know if any of the EP’s have expired and been removed to make room for new ones but once you are on the site you should search around for what I don’t have listed. It’s Internet time that is well spent so do that instead of scrolling through Facebook for a change.

Blog Posts For Free Metal c/o Scion A/V: HERE

Keep watching the Official Facebook for PiercingMetal for all the month’s adventures and more and by all means be the best Metalhead you can be during this month especially. Support the scene and its Media allies since there are some good ones out there. We’ll be doing our best to keep you entertained as often as possible. Special thanks to our good buddy Skeleton Pete for the cool graphic.

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